Roleplayer #5, August 1987

In This Issue

Jennifer Blake, Car Warrior
Combat Modifiers
Vehicular Combat Modifiers
Short Notes
New Spells from the Aery Guild
Designing a World?
Why All the Questions?
Origins Ballot
Coming Attractions
Writing for GURPS

Things are moving along briskly in the world of GURPS. As you'll see in Coming Attractions, we have two great new licenses, and the schedule has been shaken up – for the better, we think!

Also in this issue is the Origins Award nomination ballot. GURPS is eligible for Best RPG this year, and Fantasy and Autoduel both have a shot at Best Supplement – so we've got our fingers crossed. But whoever you vote for, vote! Anyone can send in a nominating ballot, but hurry, the deadline is May 20!

–Steve Jackson

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