Roleplayer #5, August 1987

Jennifer Blake, Car Warrior

by Norman Banduch and Martha Ladyman

Jenny is one of the 40+ characters written for the Car Warriors Character Book. She was too impatient to wait for the book, but you can find the others, with their character sheets, in this late May release.

Her family has always joked that Jenny doesn't have just one guardian angel; she requires a whole platoon. And still, it seems that wherever the action is, that's where you find Jennifer Blake. While growing up, she was always the first at a fire, robbery, or riot; she once hung by her heels over the edge of a cliff to get a photo of the private grudge match between Optimal Jones and Red Fang Eriksen for her school paper. She never missed amateur night at the arena, and her room was wallpapered with blow-ups of her heroes, posed in front of their vehicles, smiling, it seemed, just for her. So, it came as no surprise to anyone that she became an action reporter for UBN, covering the Overdrive and other circuits. Indeed, her dad was thankful that "at least she's reporting it, and not driving it!"

Jenny may be impulsive to the point of recklessness, but she's not stupid. This lady can take care of herself. She's smart, savvy, extremely competitive, and very pretty, the last being something she doesn't mind exploiting when it's to her advantage. (She regards it as one of the many edges she has on the competition when chasing a story.) As a result, over the last few years she has been romantically linked to several leading duellists throughout the country. This has advantages and disadvantages; it leads to hot breaks on stories, but has also made a few enemies of those on the circuit who feel a little "used" by her. Resulting gossip (some true, some not) also means that she runs through several "patrons" each year. There are a handful of duellists hopelessly in love with her, each of whom wants to "take her away from all this" (whether from her job, or other duellists, is never fully explained). So she maintains quite a juggling act, keeping as many men on a string as she can manage while remaining uncommitted.

Between her job, her beauty, and her impulsiveness, she is constantly getting into trouble. But not to worry. Jenny Blake is famous for getting out in the nick of time – next time you might be riding to her rescue!

Blake is 5' 6", 105 lbs., with long honey-blonde hair, fair skin, and black eyes. Her total point value is 100 points, suitable for use as a PC.

ATTRIBUTES:     ST: 9   DX: 13   IQ: 13   HT: 10Total: 50points
ADVANTAGES:Total: 40points
Very Beautiful25points
Patron, 9- (Various Sugar Daddies, changing often)10points
Charisma, +15points
DISADVANTAGES:Total: -25points
Bad Sight (wears contacts)-10points
Reputation as Heartbreaker, -1 reaction, affects everyone-5points
QUIRKS:Total: -5points
Party animal; Likes expensive restaurants; Craves seafood; Vain; Clothes horse.
SKILLS:Total: 40points
Profession: Reporter-1710points
Profession: Fashions-121point
Sex Appeal-15*6points
Guns (Pistol)-15 (includes +2 IQ bonus)1point
Driving (Cars)-121point
Area Knowledge-16
(Overdrive Circuit arenas & vicinities)
Area Knowledge-15
(AADA circuit arenas & vicinities)
Sport (Tennis)-121point
EQUIPMENT:Total: $5000/ 14.5 lbs.
Designer Body Armor: PD 4, DR 3 (light encumbrance when worn)$1250/ 20 lbs.
Kevlar (no encumbrance when worn)$250/ 10 lbs.
Concealed communication set (100 yard range, for interviews)$200/ .5 lbs.
S&W M55$100/ 3 lbs.
Misc. personal gear$200/ 1 lb.
Bank account$2550

[* Errata from RP 7 – Jennifer Blake has Sex Appeal-12 (not 15), since this skill is based on HT, not IQ.]

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