Roleplayer #6, August 1987

Heraldry in Autoduel America

Recognizing your friends and enemies quickly is a vital part of survival on the highways of 2037. For this reason, most corporations, road associations, prominent duellists, and outlaw bands mark their vehicles with a distinctive logo or design, commonly called "colors."

The AADA Office of Heraldry registers colors – officially termed devices – according to a set of rules based loosely on medieval heraldry (consult an encyclopedia for the basic rules of heraldry). Any corporate or individual member of the AADA may submit a device for registration with the AADA, where it will be checked for highway legibility and similarity to previously registered devices. According to AADA regulations, a registered device may be displayed only by its owner or his employees; violation of this rule for criminal purposes can result in expulsion from the association.

The AADA Office of Heraldry makes an effort to record the colors of prominent non-affiliated organizations – EDSEL, BLUD, cycle gangs, etc. – even if they do not formally seek registration with the office. The Brotherhood cooperates with the AADA heralds to register the devices of truckers and to keep current the records on non-affiliated groups.

Everyone in autoduel America recognizes the colors of national groups like the AADA (a black or red AADA logo on white), the MONDOS (various yellow markings on blue), or EDSEL (white markings on black). To recognize more obscure devices, a duellist should study the new skill Heraldry (Mental/Average). In addition to familiarity with existing devices, a herald has the ability – with a successful skill roll – to design a new device which will pass the Office of Heraldry's standards of uniqueness and legibility.

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