Roleplayer #6, August 1987

In This Issue

Roleplayer Goes Commercial
Cops in GURPS
Short Notes
New Rules for Wealth and Jobs
Results from the Roleplayer 4 Questionnaire
Heraldry in Autoduel America
Coming Attractions and Writing for GURPS

This issue of Roleplayer is being squeezed out between Origins and GenCon – the one brief breathing space in our busiest season. From now on, though, RP will be on our regular release schedule, once every two months.

We'd like to take this opportunity to call for RP submissions. We want to run lots more new GURPS material on these pages, but we can't run what we don't have. See Roleplayer Goes Commercial for an idea of what we're looking for, and feel free to send a SASE for our GURPS Writer's Guidelines.

–Jeff George

J. David George

GURPS System Developer
David Ladyman

Steve Jackson

Production Staff
C. Mara Lee
Carl Manz
Melissa Snell
Monica Stephens

Business Manager
Mark Chandler

Circulation Manager
Creed Lambard

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