Roleplayer #6, August 1987

Roleplayer Goes Commercial

Until now, Roleplayer has been a tremendous bargain – for absolutely nothing, you've gotten updates on GURPS products, errata, answers to rules questions, and some new GURPS material.

Unfortunately, Roleplayer costs a lot of money to produce – especially since our print run broke 4,000. So, beginning with issue 7, Roleplayer will cost $1 per issue. But we don't expect you to pay for the same thing you used to get for free – we're going to make Roleplayer better.

The first improvement you'll notice is frequency. While it was free, we published Roleplayer whenever we had the time. From now on, we're going to make time, once every two months.

Inside Roleplayer, you'll see more new GURPS material – advantages, disads and skills, optional and expanded rules, spells and gadgets, articles on GMing, new races, and perhaps short adventures. We'll also run exerpts from new releases, but for the most part, Roleplayer will be a forum for never-before-published material.

Where's all this new material going to fome from? From you, we hope. Since we're charging for Roleplayer, we're also going to start paying our authors. Roleplayer won't make you rich, but it's a good way to start writing for SJ Games.

Of course, Roleplayer will continue to do all the things its always done. Each issue will include GURPS Q&A and Errata to keep your campaigns running smoothly, as well as Coming Attractions and Short Notes to let you know what's going on at SJ Games.

In future issues of Roleplayer, you'll find more information on and expansions for GURPS, keeping you up on the latest developments in roleplaying. We still believe Roleplayer's a heck of a deal, and we think you'll agree.


We didn't want to take the space for a subscription form, and figured you'd agree. So if you want to keep receiving Roleplayer, just send us a check or money order for as many issues as you want (but no more than 10, please), at $1 per issue. Our address is Steve Jackson Games, Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760-8957.

Thank you for your support.

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