Roleplayer #6, August 1987

Writing for GURPS

by W.G. Armintrout

If you'd like to write for GURPS, pick up the July 1987 issue of Esquire magazine . . .

Read the article describing the gruling Paris-to-Dakar road race. Now imagine that the year is 2037, the cars are straight out of GURPS Autoduel, and the drivers are your own PCs! Can you build an adventure out of this idea?

Consider this a contest. If the submited material is good enough, we might publish a single manuscript, or an adventure built from the best parts of all the submissions.

If you are interested, send us a complete, 54-page manuscript (typed or computer-printed, single-spaced), including:

An adventure. Roughly 24 pages, including encounters, NPCs, vehicle stats, and so on.

Background material. Everything the GM might need to run a campaign in Africa, or to run other road rallies, plus detail on any organizations included in the adventure.

Sidebars. About one for each page. Each sidebar should be no longer than half a page.

A waiver form. If you don't have one, send us a legal-sized SASE and we'll send you one, along with the GURPS Writer's Guidelines.

Disks. If you are writing on a word processor, send floppies along with your hardcopy. (If you'll send us an SASE, we'll send you our "Electronic Submissions" guidelines.)

I'm excited to discover what dedicated GURPS players can write for us – who is more qualified? There are no deadlines (The competition is over whenever we say it is . . . which will be when a reasonable selection of manuscripts arrive.)

This should be an interesting experiment.

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