Roleplayer #7, November 1987

In This Issue

NPC Allies in GURPS
A Preview of the GURPS Bestiary
Short Notes
The United Church as a Patron (GURPS Humanx)
Langley Manor 2037
Ice Magics from the Frozen North
Coming Attractions
Writing for GURPS

Welcome to the first "commercial" issue of Roleplayer. Although the format is the same, if you look closely, you'll notice a couple of changes. The biggest is in the advertising; RP 6 had two full pages of advertising, but RP 7 has less than half a page!

Which brings us to the second major difference – increased GURPS content! This issue includes at least one article for every published worldbook – Fantasy, Autoduel, Horror, Horseclans and Humanx – plus an exerpt from an upcoming release – the GURPS Bestiary. We'll be bringing you more complete GURPS coverage with every issue. Stay tuned . . .

– Jeff George

J. David George

GURPS System Developer
David Ladyman

Steve Jackson

Production Staff
C. Mara Lee
Monica Stephens

Circulation Manager
Creed Lambard

Art in this issue
J. David George: 5. C. Bradford Gorby: 2. John Waltrip: 3.

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