Roleplayer #7, November 1987

Writing for GURPS

Not surprisingly, we didn't get any "entries" in the constest outlined in RP 6. A complete, 54-page manuscript is a bit much to ask someone to generate for a newsletter contest. We still like the idea of a Paris-to-Dakar roadrace adventure, and would be happy to receive proposals on the topic.

We're going to try another Writing for GURPS contest, though. What we want is a complete, 2,500- to 3,500-word GURPS adventure playable using the GURPS Basic Set and any published worldbook – Fantasy, Autoduel, Horror, Horseclans or Humanx. Or you might design an adventure in another genre – cyberpunk, spies, western, pulp – as long as all the necessary rules are in the Basic Set.

If you hope to write for us some day, we strongly encourage you to enter this contest. The space restrictions on a Roleplayer adventure force you to produce an interesting plot, and to present it clearly and concisely – the two most important considerations for a GURPS writer. Take this opportunity to introduce youself and your writing to us.

The writer of the best adventure will receive a Gift Certificate for $50 worth of SJ Games products. The adventure will be published in RP 10; the author will also receive payment for his submission at regular Roleplayer rates. If we get several excellent entries, we may publish other adventures in the months to follow.

Format for contest entries is identical to that for any Roleplayer submission – typed in black ink on white paper. The first page should begin with your name, address, phone number, and the adventure (or article) title. Each page thereafter should include your name and the page number, at the top of the page. A manuscript cannot be returned unless you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope large enough to hold it. Manuscripts with SASEs will eventually get a reply; those without will probably be rejected and thrown away without notice.

All contest entries must be received by February 15, 1988. Adventures received after that date will be considered for publication in Roleplayer – as will all contest entries – but will not be eligible for the contest prize. The contest winner will be announced in RP 9; the winning adventure will be published in RP 10. All contest entries published in Roleplayer become the exclusive property of Steve Jackson Games.

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