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Excerpts from GURPS Ultra-Tech 2

Splatter (TL10+)

This can be loaded into drugged needle or hypos, but not into chemical rounds. Each "dose" contains myriads of cell-sized robot microbombs. After entering the body of a living being, they will circulate through the blood stream. Upon command, they will explode. The result rips apart the victim's arterial system. Damage is 1d for every minute they had to spread through the body before they exploded, to a maximum of 30d. Multiple doses will increase the damage, e.g., three doses do 3d per minute to a maximum of 90d.

Splatter comes in either pre-set timed or remote-control versions. Remote versions are triggered by receiving a specific coded radio pulse; frequency varies by the model number.

Guardian nano (p. 93) may be able to hunt down the splatter nanomachines before they detonate. Roll a Quick Contest of Skill each minute. Splatter and guardian skills are equal to their TL. Each time the guardian nano win a contest, detonation damage reduces by -1 per die. If they win six contests, the splatter nano are exterminated. The splatter may detonate before the guardian nano get a chance to extinguish them. For instance, suppose a dose of splatter is set to go off after five minutes. The guardian nano get five contests of skill. They win three and lose or draw two. That means that damage becomes -3 per die, or 5d-15 instead of 5d.

Synthetic Endorphins (TL8+)

This is a very powerful synthetic version of a natural brain opiate; other drugs, like Sin and Lotus, are often derived from synthetic endorphins – but this is the raw stuff.

It is used as a pleasure drug and painkiller. Synthetic endorphins are psychologically addictive but have few harmful side effects unless an overdose is taken. A dose takes effect in 2 seconds. It sends a massive jolt of pleasure into the brain and acts as a super painkiller, eliminating all penalties for low HT, fatigue or shock. The dreamy bliss the user feels also gives him a -2 on IQ and -1 on DX (which also applies to all DX-based skills). The effects last for 30-HT minutes.

Multiple doses of synthetic endorphins add an extra 30-HT minutes to the duration. The drug is extremely addictive. After each use, a Will+2 roll is required (at -1 per dose taken). Failure means the user must spend the next 1d hours trying to find a second dose; if he does, he'll become an addict.

If more than HT/3 doses are taken at any one time (i.e., before previous doses have worn off), the user must make a HT roll. Failure means he falls into a coma, and will die in HT´5 minutes. At TL7+, a First Aid-4 or Physician roll (one attempt per 5 minutes) can revive the patient. An endorphin addict has a penalty of -5 on withdrawal rolls; the drug is a -20-point addiction. Synthetic endorphins are $20 per dose.

Hypertough Skeleton (TL11+)

Nanomachines are used to impregnate and reinforce the user's skeleton with carbon fibers, transforming his bones into structures with the strength of metal. The nanomachines also permanently take over the function of the cyborg's bone marrow in producing blood cells.

The brain is protected at DR 60 against all attacks, unless they pass through the eye socket. On attacks to the torso or limbs, he takes half damage from any cutting or crushing blow (but not from bullets), rounding damage taken up.

The cyborg's limbs, hands and feet can no longer be crippled by any other form of "blunt" crushing attack, such as a punch, club or fall. They can still be crippled by bullets, cuts, beams or other damage that tears, burns or otherwise mangles flesh and muscle, but it's more difficult. The damage required to cripple a limb, hand or foot is doubled: a hand or foot requires more than 2/3 HT and an arm or leg more than HT.

The cyborg's weight does not increase. While the hypertough bones do not show up on metal detectors, X-rays and other advanced sensors likely will detect them. A hyperdense skeleton costs $100,000 (and 75 points).

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