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GURPS Atlantis – Cover

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GURPS Atlantis

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Written by Phil Masters * Edited by Andrew Hackard * Cover art by Christopher Shy
Illustrated by Paul Daly, David Day, Zach Howard, and Ramón Pérez

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

130 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $22.95
Stock number 01-6054 * ISBN 978-1-55634-881-5
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133 pages. PDF. * Price $9.00 * Stock number 30-6536
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Suggested Retail Price $22.95 * Stock number 6536
ISBN 1-55634-478-3
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Lost, But Not Forgotten?

Atlantis: one of the great legends. Somewhere, beyond the edge of the world, a great empire grew decadent and fell, sinking forever beneath the waves.

The Lost Land; the Sunken City; the Ancient Birthplace of Secrets. It has haunted our dreams since the days of Ancient Greece. In some of those dreams, the Lost Land is still out there.

GURPS Atlantis is a gamer's guide to the story, the history, and the myth. From Greek philosophy to superhero comics, from fantasies of prehistory to the depths of the sea, it's all here.

This book includes details of legends of other sunken lands, rules for underwater operations, details of a wide range of submarines, and no less than three campaign background – one high fantasy, one conspiratorial, and one for steampunk or superhero goes.

Come to Atlantis!

128 pages. Hardcover. * Suggested Retail Price $39.95
Stock number 80-1003 * ISBN 1-55634-478-3
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This is the second in our new line of signed and numbered, limited edition, hardcover titles. Each one has exactly the same content as the regular softcover version, but with a custom binding in classic style:

  • an over-sewn spine with headband, for extra durability;
  • imitation leather cover, for both appearance and durability;
  • metallic foil lettering on the front cover and spine.

There are only 100 of these top quality books available as single volumes, exclusively from Warehouse 23.

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