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Bibliography for GURPS Autoduel

Autoduel Resources


AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume One: The East Coast, John Nowak

AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume Two: The West Coast, W. Peter Miller

AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume Three: The South, David Bowden

AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume Four: Australia, Greg Rickards, Gary Makin, & Steve Reynolds

AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume Five: The Midwest, Craig Sheeley

AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume Six: The Free Oil States, Stephen Beeman

AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Volume Seven: Mountain West, Jeff George

Autoduel Champions, Aaron Allston

Muskogee Mayhem, Creede & Sharleen Lambard

Novels and Novellas

The Square Deal, David Drake, Tor Books, 1993.

Double Jeopardy, Aaron Allston, Tor Books, 1994.

Civic Wars, Robert Garitta, Laura Tripoli, C.J. Burke, Driving Tigers, 1992.

Short Stories

"Alkahest: The Deathtoll Solution," John M. Ford, ADQ 3/3

"Amateur Status," John Nowak, ADQ 4/3

"And, Of Course, It Was Black," Joel Mullins, ADQ 7/4

"Angel of Mercy," Laura Tripoli, ADQ 8/2

"BLUD and Guts," Andrew Egan, ADQ 4/2

"Challenge Night," David N. Searle, ADQ 7/1

"Checker's Pizza – We Deliver; Brian Upton, ADQ 3/4

"Comeback," Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, ADQ 10/1

"Daddy's Girl," Ramona Richards, ADQ 5/2

"Don't Kill the Messenger," Christopher Burke, ADQ 6/4

"Doppleganger," John Nowak, ADQ 3/2

"Effie," ADQ 2/1

"Epilogue," Robert Garitta, ADQ 9/3

"I'd Die for You," Douglas E. Carey, ADQ 5/3

"Living Down Justice," Ian Knights, ADQ 8/4

"Meeting the Inlaws," Andrew Metzger, ADQ 9/1

"Mercy Bullet," Karol Szolvani, ADQ 9/2

"Nightsword," John Nowak, ADQ 2/4

"Oldest Trick in the Book," Michael Stackpole, ADQ 10/4

"Repo Blues," Robert Garitta, ADQ 5/4

"The Return of the Bear," Andreas Metzger, ADQ 8/3

"Rise of the Phoenix," France VanLang-Hoang, ADQ 7/2

"Road Trip," Laura Tripoli, ADQ 9/4

"Serendipity," Ramona Richards, ADQ 2/3

"Street Legal," John M. Ford, Space Gamer 58

"When Duty Calls," J. Chestnut and John Romero, ADQ 6/2

Relevant Articles

"Collegiate Autoduelling," Timothy Jacques, ADQ 9/4

"The Corporate Approach to Car Wars," Mad Al Loud, ADQ 4/4

"Drawbridges in Car Wars" Christopher Burke, ADQ 7/1

"First BLUD," Scott Haring, ADQ 3/4

"Full Moon Over Midville," David N. Searle, ADQ 7/4

"HERO For Hire," Christopher Burke, ADQ 10/1

"An Interview with Gold Cross," Jim Davie, ADQ 6/1

"Magic in Car Wars," Steve Jackson, ADQ 6/2

"The Mechanics of Cloning," Craig Sheeley, ADQ 7/1

"Ob-Racing," David N. Searle, ADQ 7/2

"Ob-Racing Design Winners," David N. Searle, ADQ 7/4

"Ten Years of ADQ: A Cumulative Index to Autoduel Quarterly", C. J. Burke, ADQ 10/4

"Vampire Cars," Paul "Monty" Ashley, ADQ 9/3

Other related materials

Novels, short stories, etc.

"Along the Scenic Route," Harlan Ellison

Damnation Alley, Roger Zelazny (also made into a movie.)

Starrigger, Red Limit Freeway, and Paradox Alley, John DeChancie

Movies and TV

The Batman movies and series (Every duellist tried to build the Batmobile at least once.)

Speed Racer (Ditto the Mach 5!)

Death Race 2000, which has now spawned three prequel movies.


The Mad Max series: Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

James Bond flicks, particularly Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me

Rollerball (Death sports and greedy corporations)

Computer Games

"Full Throttle," LucasArts

"RoadWar 2000," SSI

Internet Resources

Car Wars

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