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GURPS Martial Arts: Fairbairn Close Combat Systems – Cover

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GURPS Martial Arts: Fairbairn Close Combat Systems

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Written by Hans-Christian Vortisch * Edited by Phil Masters
Production art by Philip Reed * Indexed by Thomas Weigel

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

24 pages. PDF. * Price $9.00 * Stock number 37-1641
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William Ewart "Dan" Fairbairn was one of the most influential combat instructors of the first half of the 20th century. In his lifetime, he worked with organizations from the international Shanghai Municipal Police to MI-6 to the OSS. He developed combat instruction techniques, SWAT-type tactics, and even his own unarmed combat style. His teaching methods are still in use among law enforcement groups around the world.

GURPS Martial Arts: Fairbairn Close Combat Systems repeats the details of Fairbairn Close Combat Training (FCCT) from GURPS Martial Arts, but expands the historical information on Fairbairn and his peers, presents Defendu, the original style on which FCCT was based, in full GURPS terms, and introduces a complete style template for Fairbairn-Sykes Handgun Shooting, providing optional rules for using guns in close combat.

No matter if your character is a detective prowling Shanghai's dangerous docks during the 1920's, an agent infiltrating Nazi Germany during World War II, or a modern SWAT team member, Fairbairn Close Combat Systems has the details you need to kick butt and take down the bad guys!

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