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GURPS Humanx – Cover

GURPS Humanx

Written by Curtis M. Scott * Edited by J. David George
Cover art by Michael Whelan

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

96 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $9.95
Stock number 6009 * ISBN 1-55634-086-9
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Man's Best Friend Is a Bug!

600 years ago, in the early 24th century, mankind met alien intelligence – the insect Thranx. Despite their physical differences, humans and thranx soon found they had much in common. Within a hundred years, they had united as the Humanx Commonwealth. Today, humans and thranx stand shoulder-to-thorax against the ruthless reptilian AAnn, defending the dozens of intelligent races and hundreds of inhabited worlds that make up the Commonwealth.

GURPS Humanx, a world book for GURPS, takes you planet-hopping through Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth, where Ethan Fortune and Skua September sailed the Icerigger across the frozen wastes of Tran-Ky-Ky, Flinx and his minidrag Pip activated The Tar-Aiym Krang and solved the mystery of Bloodhype, and the great whales still swim the seas of Cachalot.

Inside GURPS Humanx you'll find:

  • The Commonwealth Gazetteer, a spacefarer's guide to humanx space, detailing 28 worlds within the Humanx Commonwealth. The Gazetteer describes the climate, sentient races, interesting creatures, spaceport facilities and adventure possiblities on each of these worlds.
  • Complete rules for player characters of nine alien races: Thranx, Ornithopes, Tholians, AAnn, Dolphins, Tran, Saia, Mai and Tsla.
  • Basic rules for psionics.
  • A complete galactic history and timeline, from half a billion years in the past through the six centuries of the Commonwealth.
  • Equipment from the Commonwealth novels, ranging from the Cetacean Translator to the Samstead Duty Suit, plus weapons like the Phonic Stiletto and the Neuronic Pistol.
  • Complete GURPS stats for humanx characters, including Flinx and Mother Mastiff, Maxim Malaika, Bran Tse-Mallory and Truzenzuzex, and their AAnn nemesis, the Baron Riidi WW.
  • A complete multi-session adventure set in Drallar, on the world of Moth.

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