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GURPS Powers: Enhanced Senses – Cover

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GURPS Powers: Enhanced Senses

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Written by Rory Fansler * Edited by Sean Punch
Illustrated by Kent Burles, Denis Loubet, and Jean Elizabeth Martin

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

17 pages. PDF. * Price $6.00 * Stock number 37-0155
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Show Some Spirit

The idea that spirits are associated with animals, locations, and natural forces is widespread. Shamans, medicine men, channelers, and other spirit-workers of cultures that hold such beliefs don't merely communicate with these entities – they invite possession, sometimes physically transforming into something else for the duration. This is a path to great power, but it isn't without risk and it demands profound respect.

GURPS Powers: Totems and Nature Spirits looks at how to represent such practices within the framework of GURPS Powers. Contents include:

  • Explanations of what totems are, who can call upon them, and how to invoke them.
  • Notes on traits suitable for spirit-workers, including general advice on spirit powers of all kinds.
  • Rules for the key ability, Totem-Bearer – including 28 sample totems and 17 archetypal roles for them to fill.
  • Lists of traits these totems grant to those they "ride," both during the channeling process and at other times.
  • Template costs for the animals in the Basic Set, for heroes interested in shamanic shapeshifting.

Everything you need to bring the spirit world into the material one!

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