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Telepathic Exalted Horse

Total: 130 points
[Created by David Hadar <>]

Looks like a horse, brown hair with grey patches. Black tail and ears. If you look in her eyes you can see intelligence.


22 ST
10 DX
14 IQ
13 HT


+3 HT (30 points), Acute Hearing (+3), Acute Taste & Smell (+3), Appearance: Attractive, Blunt Teeth (0 points), Enhanced Move (Running) (10 points), Exalted Horse ST Bonus (99 points), Four Legs (5 points), Peripheral Vision, Unusual Background (a psi horse; 10 points)


Healing Power 9, Emergencies Only (-30%), Eye Contact Only (-20%) (14 points)
Telepathy Power 8, Eye Contact Only (-20%) (32 points)


Bad Sight (-2; -25 points), Horizontal (-10 points), Inconvenient Size (Horse; -10 points), Mute, No Fine Manipulators (-30 points), Poverty: Dead Broke (x0), Primitive (-3; -15 points), Social Stigma (viewed as 'clever animals'; -10 points), Uneducated (-5 points)

[Since Adna has Telesend, GMs may wish to make her Mute worth less points. On the other hand, she's certainly paid 40 points for this occasional ability to talk . . . Reducing the value of Mute by 5 points would probably be sufficient. --arcangel]


Level  Points  
13        2.0    Aspect
10        1.0    Brawling
15        6.0    Emotion Sense
14        1.0    Gesture
14        4.0    Healing
14        4.0    Illusion
12        1.0    Life Extension
14        4.0    Metabolism Control
14        4.0    Mind Shield
12        0.5    Politics
13        2.0    Psi Sense
12        2.0    Running
13        0.5    Savoir-Faire
13        2.0    Signature Sniffer
13        2.0    Sleep
13        2.0    Suggest
13        2.0    Telecontrol
15        6.0    Telereceive
14        4.0    Telescan
16        8.0    Telesend

Exalted Horses


Attributes: -5 points
Advantages: 186 points
Disadvantages: -155 points
Quirks: 0 points
Skills: 58 points
Total: 130 points

She is suited to any campaign that has psi in it.

In a supernatural campaign:

She may be a freak of nature that is attracted to weirdness magnets. Somebody might be contacted by her and ask the characters to investigate. Or she might contact the PCs herself, to ask for help of some kind.

In space and near future settings:

She might be bio-engineered by a horse lover or to overcome a legal problem with sentient servants.

In Supers settings:

She might be a sidekick (supergirl and her talking horse). Maybe then let Adna have some more power.


"A horse is a horse , of course, of course, and no one can psi to a horse of course, unless the horse is Adna . . . "

Adna is a psionic horse, and the faithful assistant to a knight (Sir Goldwin). Most of the time she's smarter then him and he knows about her abilities. When Goldwin was only a peasant she was his only possession. She began talking to him telepathically, and told him what to do, aiding him with her powers when she could.

After much questing and dragon-slaying, Goldwin was knighted, and eventually married a duke's daughter - they are currently living happily ever after.

If Adna does not want a people to knew that she is a smart she will act like a typical horse and it will take a IQ-6 roll to realize that she is special (notice her looking at people when they talk, being amused at jokes, non-skittish when exposed to strangeness, etc.). When with people that know her real nature, she acst & "talks" like royalty. She likes other horses' company, but not better then intelligent human company.

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