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All Characters for GURPS Third Edition

Last updated September 27, 2011

This is a collection of all the archived characters for GURPS Third Edition. Links to characters on other pages are marked with a "*".

Note: though these pages are located at the Steve Jackson Games website, the characters contained within are NOT canon! Steve Jackson Games has kindly provided the space for these UNOFFICIAL character sheets, but the responsibility for them is the authors'.



Danielle Adair, Autoduellest (85 points) *
Penelope "Penny" Adair, Starship Mechanic/Engineer (65 points)
Henry Adames, TL8 "Living Fossil" in TL11 universe (100 points)
Adna, Telepathic Exalted Horse (130 points)
Buddhet Ahasmen, Ultratech psionic "supernormal" buddhist (500 points)
Mymerah Airgitlamh, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Alicia, The Chosen One, TL 2-3 Martial Artist (150 points)
Maria Allende, 1930's Revolutionary (?? points) *
Aloryn, Yrth Elf, Warrior (100 points)
Elaina Amberdon, Super Acrobat and Animal Handler (150 points)
Sean Antonelli, TL 10 Ship's Doctor (100 points)
Spartan Argon, Merc Captain (100 points)
Mertell Arlen, Warrior-Mage (108 points)
David Atchison, Civil War Senator (?? points) *


Baghtru, Yrth Orcwarrior (125 points)
Georgie Baker, 1930s Loyal Lackey (?? points) *
Balthazar, Whitehood Mountains Castle Sound Mage (75 points)
1930s Banditos (?? points) *
The Beach Patrol Super Team (500 points each)
Roy Bean, Old West Judge (?? points) *
Sawney Bean, Historical Scottish Cannibal (?? points) *
Sawney Bean's Grandchildren, Historical Scottish Cannibals (?? points) *
Sawney Bean's Sons, Historical Scottish Cannibals (?? points) *
Sawney Bean's Wife & Daughters, Historical Scottish Cannibals (?? points) *
Belinor, Yrth Elf, Warrior (100 points)
Miz Bigtong the Fixer, Cyberpunk "Fixer" (200 points)
Buffalo Bill, Old West Sharpshooter (?? points) *
Darmon Blackthorn, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Jennie Blake, Old West Saloon Girl (?? points) *
Jennifer Blake, Autoduel Journalist/Reporter (100 points) *
The Blue Demon, Super Villian (1000 points) *
Bobo the Superclown, Super Clown... (150 points)
Torii Tamoko/Bokken, TV Star/Super (500 points)
John Bridges, 1930's Crooked Bank President (150 points) *
Breas Brighteyes, White Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Thomas "Totem" Brightsky, Amerind Super (750 points)
John Brown, Civil War Abolitionist (?? points) *
William S. Burroughs, Counterculture Figure (?? points)


Max "Ballistic" Caldwell, Guitarist & Flying Super (500 points)
Calthnum of Terbrec, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Carlsen the Wraith, Whitehood Mountains Castle Air Mage (75 points)
Carnifex (William "Billy" Ray), Wild Cards Character (595 points) *
Kit Carson, Old West Scout (?? points) *
Cassius, Mngwa I Combat Biodroid (150 points) *
Teresa "Terry" Chandler, Psi Investigator (176 points)
Chorazon the Prime, Whitehood Mountains Castle Movement Mage (75 points)
Circus Supers (all 150 points)
Billy Clanton, Old West Cowboy (?? points) *
Ike Clanton, Old West Cowboy (?? points) *
Steve Clayborne, Old West Deputy Sheriff (?? points) *
Richard Coleman, Old West Bartender (?? points) *
Zhan Chang/Cloud-Vaulter, TV Star/Super (500 points)
Coney, IOU Froshthing/Footballer (100 points)
Coppers the Alchemist (?? points) *
Samuel Crawford, Civil War Captain/Governer (?? points) *
George Custer, Old West General (?? points) *


Llewellyn ap Daffyd, bard (106 points)
Tom "The Black King" Damingo, Cyberpunk Gang Leader (200 points)
Janet Deare, TL 11 brainwiped ex-criminal (100 points)
Peershane Dertaun, Futuristic Psi Time Traveler Kid (360 points)
Detchal, TL11 Kintaran Spacer (115 points)
Jacob Dexter, TL11 Kid With Rich Dad (50 points)
Kevin Dexter, TL 11 CEO of Dexter Shipping (150 points)
Doori, Halfling (Kender-like) Thief (100 points)


Eareelooar, TL11 Sparrial Security-type (100 points)
Morgan Earp, Old West "Part-time Policeman" (?? points) *
Virgil Earp, Old West Marshal (?? points) *
Wyatt Earp, Old West Assistant Marshal (?? points) *
Eidolous the False, WMC Illusion&Creation Mage (75 points)
Eldirindiril, Elf-raised Dragon (1,000 points)
Elowyn, Yrth Elf, Diplomat (100 points)
Elves! (all 100 points)
Embereyes M'Artemis, Kintaran Apprentice Engineer (100 points)
Emmorath, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Lady Erica, Erotic Fashion Designer (200 points)
Erishen ak Carval-ze, TL11 Parvan (Thral) Security Apprentice (109 points)
Errakki the Uncanny, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Simon Evanson, TL10 Starship Security Chief (100 points)
Thomas Ewing, Civil War General (?? points) *


Dr. Benjamin Ficus, Full Eidetic TL11 Physician (100 points)
Brother Fidus, Yrth Priest/Alchemist/Healing Mage (100 points)
Fireback, TL11 Kintaran Shaman (132 points)
Alicia Fitzhugh, Victorian-era English Love-interest (?? points) *
Avery Fitzhugh / Evil Wizard-Chief, Possessed Victorian-era Colonel (?? points) *
William Ford, Near Future Crippled Programmer (135 points)
Enlin Stanfell / Thara Foundling, split-personality fighter/mage (100 points)
Francis, Malkavian WUSE student (110 points)
Jason "Dr Dred" Freeman, Psionic (PK, EK, ESP) Super (250 points)
Tamneohk Frostbairn, Whitehood Mountains Castle Water Mage (75 points)
Guthry Fullwright, Old West Saloon Owner (?? points) *


John Geary, Civil War Governer (?? points) *
Generic Bioengineered "Cyber Orc" (25 points)
Kimi "Gunther" Ferio Tana Gichi-Koo, Cidi Bounty Hunter (96 points)
Glare, Dragon-mistress (200 points)
Shivaak Goblinfriend, Whitehood Mountains Castle Fire Mage (75 points)
Davey Gordon, IOU Undergrad (100 pts)
"Kid" Cody Grange, Old West Bar W Hand (?? points) *


Bjorn Half-Fish, Viking Werebear (100 points)
Scherazade Harami, TL 11 Photojournalist (50 points)
Stefanie Hardy, TL11 spacer-kid (100 points)
Sarah Hart, TL11 Old Money (25 points)
Andromeda S. Harte, TL11 Rich Kid/Apprentice Captain (100 points)
Bryant Haverford, Unpleasant 1930's P.I. (100 points) *
Silver "Quicksilver" Hawke, TL11 Smuggler/Hot Pilot (100 points)
Storm Hawke, TL11 Intelligence Agent (200 points)
Sadi Hawkins, TL11 "Rock-rat" (Prospector/Miner) (50 points)
Serena Hawkins, TL10 Merchant/Administrator/Computer Expert (100 points)
Alaxandra Hecatos, Aspiring Priestess of Eris (100 points)
Serena Hedoni, TL11 Stage Magician (100 points)
Steve Heinrich, TL15 Archaeology Professor/Holovid star (270 points)
Wild Bill Hickok, Old West Sharpshooter (?? points) *
"Doc" Holiday, Healing Super and Hypnotist (150 points)
Elysia "Elise" Hollas, Fortune Teller/Thief (125 points)
"Doc" Holliday, Old West Dentist (?? points) *
Minerva Holmes, TL12 scout/explorer (100 points)
Selene Holmes, TL 10 Sensor/Computer Expert and Astrogator (100 points)
Selene Holmes (timeline B), TL11 Corporate Founder & Electronics Expert (256.5 points)
Selene Holmes (timeline A), TL12 Sensor and Computer Goddess (176 points)
Sherinford "Sheri" Holmes, Private Investigator (100 points)
Shannon Hood, TL11 Freelance Assassin (100 points)
Simone Hospitalier, TL11 Rich Socialite (100 points)
Salome Houri, Professional Courtesan (100 points)
Sandra Houston, TL11 Phone Company Technician (25 points)
Detective Samantha Hunter, TL11 Cop (100 points)
Silvia Hyde, TL11 corrupt Customs agent (25 points)


Illyana of Yibyorak, Yrth Ifrit (100 points)


Jesse James, Old West Outlaw (?? points) *
Howard Jandret, TL10 Planetary Scout (100 points)
Calamity Jane, Old West Sharpshooter (?? points) *
Wild Jasmine, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Mark Jones, TL7 Accountant/Psi Computer Programmer (100 points)
Hervystia "Hervy" Jubevera, Near-Human IOU student (100 points)


Kariandar, Super Knife Thrower and Acrobat (150 points)
Sean Kedrick, Goblin Thief and Adventurer (240 points)
Kelena the Grey, White Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Bill "The Sandman" Kevitch, Cyberpunk serial killer (150 points)
Billy the Kid, Old West Outlaw (?? points) *
Killer, Mute Elf Warrior (327 points) *
Colin Kinazcy, TL15 Archaeolgy/Linguistics grad student (50 points)
Merriwether "Hawk" Kingsbury, Old West Scout (?? points) *
Amadi Kipp, TL15 Archeology grad student/quasi-jock (60 points)
Tabitha "Tabby" Kyle/Catgirl, IOU student (?? points)


Senator James Lane, Civil War Politician (?? points) *
Major Edward Latham, Old West Army Post Commander (?? points) *
Yamashita Yoshihiro/Laughing Madman, TV Star/Super (500 points)
Jerry Linco, TL11 Dreamgame Programmer (25 points)
Lindir of Livelis, Elf Mage (246 points)
Lindoryl, Yrth Elf, Combat Mage (100 points)
Kriellen Linsey, CyberFantasy CorpPres (300 points)
Lorilono, TL11 Sparrial Pilot (120 points)
Lyana, W:TA Werewolf (447.5 points)
Lynofar, Yrth Elf, Healer-Mage (100 points)
Nathaniel Lyon, Civil War General (?? points) *


Peter Macavoy, 1930s FBI Special Agent (125 points) *
Sir Ian MacCleod, Knight Templer (Yrth human knight) (222 points)
Karyn MacMillan, TL10 Starship Pilot (100 points)
Tellus Magnus, Yrth "Mud Mage" (Earth & Water specialist) (100 points)
Bob "Megaphone" Malarkey, Super Circus Barker/Small Yappy Dog (150 points)
1930s Renagade Marine (?? points) *
Kiro "Night Master" Masaki, Blind Martial Arts Master (101 points)
Sato "Tsunami" Masamura, Water & Air Super (250 points)
Jerry "Splash" Mathias, Matter-surfing Super (500 points)
The Magnificent Maxwell, Super Stage Magician (150 points)
Kelly M'Buto, Swiss Army Psi (100 points)
David "Gambit" McCaffrey, Superhero (500 points)
Mecalreealoni, TL11 Irari Doctor (100 points)
Jil Medy, Bioengineered Doctor (168 points)
Lucia "Dream Wraith" Mendez, Telepath (25 points)
Pshawn Met-Sho, TL11 Alien Private Investigator (100 points)
Rev. Billy-Joe Bob Mitchell, atypical priest (100 points)
Mokharitos, White Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Moonfur M'Bat M'Hell M'Artemis, TL12 Kintaran Communications Specialist (240 points)
Moray, Aquatic Super-creature (250 points)
Dee Morel, Near-future Cat Burglar (100 points)
Leo "Bolt" Moretti, Electricity-using Super (25 points)
Morgaia, Whitehood Mountains Castle Mind Mage (75 points)
Aralanoomi Moriarity, TL11 Sparrial-raised Human
Roland "Tithanos" Morris, Super "Brick" (25 points)
Harley Morrison, Old West Bartender (?? points) *
Byrn Myrdwyn, Whitehood Mountains Castle Fire Mage (75 points)
Myrgill the Maneuver Mage (100 points)
Mystebrooke, Yrth Water Mage (100 points)


George Nakasira, TL10 Starship Engineer (100 points)
Nameless Berserking Ellyl (100 points)
Nameless Vampire, former healing mage (100 points)
Neko, Bast III Pleasure Biodroid (200 points) *
The Night Crawlers, a low-point Superteam (100 & 25 points)
Kyle Nilsson, TL10 "People Person"/Communications Specialist (100 points)
Marlys Nine-lives, Yrth Tavern Wench/Traveling Dancer/Covert Ops./Thief (100 points)
Norskaal, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Lester Northrop, Old West Assistant Marshal (?? points) *
Norwood, Yrth Mercenary with Acrobatic skills (100 points) *


Kitaru O'Donnell, TL10 Starship Captain (100 points)
Robert "Thunderbird" One-Eagle, Flying Amerind Super (250 points)
Martin o' the Pines, Yrth Ranger/Scout (100 points)
Almost-right Owen, Mage-for-hire from Low Mana Country (100 points)


Parvari, TL11 Fringe-trader Starship Captain (100 points)
Pelagius, an alchemist with too many elixers (100 points)
Penni, Precocious mage-kid (109 points)
Zentus Phaedron, Yrth Body College Mage (100 points)
Donald "The Pig" Phrezz, Cyberpunk Decker/Hacker (100 points)
Lord Benjamin Pimsley, 1930's Englishman / Bandit (?? points) *
The Possum, Joker-Ace (250 points)
Sterling Price, Civil War General (?? points) *
Hiro Protagonist, from Snow Crash (279-334 points)


Quakimra, Small Elf Wizardess (100 points)
William Quantrill, Civil War Anti-Abolitionist (?? points) *
Judith Quenton, TL11 Hyperspatial Researcher (150 points)
Sha Quinn, Time Traveler, 134.5 points


Races M'Rau M'Clawstripe, TL3 Kintaran Huntress (110 points)
Jose Renwar, TL10 Trader/"People Person" (100 points)
Charles Robinson, Civil War Governer (?? points) *
"Lucky" Rogers, Old West Lazy S Hand (?? points) *
Rohmon, Dimension-lost Martial Artist (336 points) *
"Tex" Rollins, Old West Bar W Foreman (?? points) *
Lydia Romney, 1930s Wealthy Widow (75 points) *
William Rowen, TL10 Starship Captain (100 points)
Sally Mae Ryan, Old West Saloon Girl (?? points) *
Rylithan, Yrth Elf, Bard (100 points)


Jarok "Gold Fingers" Sabdoul, Near Future Boxer (100 points)
Samilthea, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Herm Sanders, Old West Lazy S Hand (?? points) *
Courtney Foster Saxon ("Regalia"), British Super (250 points)
Sea Lion, Morphic Sea-lion Super (500 points)
The Seven Super Samurai (500 points each)
Shadowflash, TL11 Kintaran Captain (150 points)
Shugar, Whitehood Mountains Castle Fire Mage (75 points)
Franz Sigel, Incompetant Civil War General (?? points) *
Frank Simmons, TL10 Security Specialist (100 points)
Akron Sinclair the Hawk, WMC Animal-College Mage (75 points)
Sirona of Clan Moktai, Swiss Army Psi & Mage (245 points)
Sharra Skysinger, Yrth Bard (100 points)
Soren Skysinger, Yrth Bard and Mage (100 points)
Jacob Smith, TL 10 Psionic Thief (100 points)
Lion Smith, Ultra-tech Mage (343 points)
Toji Smith, TL10 Starship Engineer (100 points)
Garth Smithson, big dumb fighter/blacksmith (100 points)
TL10 Smuggler from Supporting Cast, revised (90 points)
Frederick Song, TL15 Archaeology grad student/ex-scout (90 points)
Primitive Spear-carriers for Evil Cult (?? points) *
Shaltus Spellstone, Whitehood Mountains Castle Earth Mage (75 points)
Anton Spinelli, TL 10 Planetary Sciences Specialist (100 points)
Enlin Stanfell/Thara Foundling, split-personality fighter/mage (100 points)
Belle Starr, Old West Desperado (?? points) *
Mark "the Samurai" Washington/Steel Wind, TV Star/Super (100+400 points)
Eleithia Stel-Reidlyn, TL5 Doctor and Psi Healer (108.5 points)
Carina "L.A. Doll" St. Tropez, Mini-Super (500 points)
Sulta, Converted AD&D Elf (119 points)
Super Sprout, Hero of the Herbs (475 points)
Sylanar, Yrth Elf, Scout (100 points)


Tiffi Tanner, 15-year-old Girl Necromancer (99 points)
Tarya, young Ifrit (220 points) *
Jesibell "Jessie" Tash, TL 11 Socalite (30 points)
Tasmul, Psionic Mage-Thief (100 points)
Randall Taylor, 1930s Vigallante (150 points) *
Terilyn, Yrth Elf, Mage (100 points)
This Way Up Crew (all 100 points)
Urim Titus, Disembodied Human Brain (500 points)
T'k'k, Hive Beetle Ship's Engineer (100 points)
Big Tom, Woodsman (100 points)
Welkin Truestrike, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Jake Trumbull, Old West Bar W Hand (?? points) *
T'Soquat, relatively minor Thing Man Was Not Meant To Know (?? points) *
Sir Turquine, Obnoxious Arthurian Knight (?? points) *


James Ulsyn, TL11 News Cameraman (70 points)
Unnamed TL11 ESPer Archaelogist (99.5 points)
Unnamed TL2 Kintaran Shaman (100 points)
Unnamed TL11 Psi Healer/Doctor (100 points)


Emilio "Panacea" Vasquez, Healing Super (250 points)
Koskya "Sky" Vymab, Humanoid Alien Pilot (100 points)


Cyndra Wanderfoot, Half-elf Bard (100 points)
Evan Wanderfoot, Merchant/Spy (100 points)
Jack "Storm Knight" Warrant, Boston Cop Super (250 points)
Mark "the Samurai" Washington/Steel Wind, TV Star/Super (100+400 points)
Keri "Lancer" Waters, Super Psi (500 points)
"Tennessee" Waters, Old West Lazy S Foreman (?? points) *
Asura Wealdnain, Whitehood Mountains Castle Healing Mage (75 points)
Scully Westwood, Old West Ex-Gunslinger (?? points) *
Whitehood Mountains Castle's 25 Battle-Mages (75 points each)
Jeanette Wilson, TL15 Grad student & sensor operator (65 points)
Aaron Wong, TL 10 Doctor/Life Sciences Specialist (100 points)
Ike Woods, Old West Town Marshal (?? points) *
Caradoc Wu, TL15 Xenosociology/Archaeology grad student (15 points)


XenoSolutions Crew (all 100 points)


Y'grul-neh, Whitehood Mountains Castle Battle-Mage (75 points)
Richard Youngsten, Victorian-era English Lieutenant (?? points) *
Y.T., Skateboard Courier from Snow Crash (352 points)


Madame Zerkowski, Super Fortune Teller (150 points)
Zinkons, Anti-magic Ifrit fanatic (125 points)
Zogi 276BG, Bioengineered "Cyber Orc" (100 points)

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