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Jacob Smith

TL 10 Psionic Thief

Total: 100 points


(-10) ST 9
(30) DX 13
(45) IQ 14
(0) HT 10

Advantages: (50 points)

Astral Projection Power 15, Absolute Direction.

Disadvantages: (-40 points)

Greed, Overconfidence, Pacifism: Self-defense Only.

Quirks: (-5 points)

Mild danger-junkie; unmotivated; would be horrified if he ever killed anybody; not a voyeur; [1 undetermined]


Architecture/TL10-12 (0.5), Area Knowledge (home city)-13 (0.5), Beam Weapons (Sonic)/TL10-14 (0.5), Computer Operation/TL10-13 (0.5), Detect Lies-12 (1), Diplomacy-11 (0.5), Disguise-13 (1), Driving (Car)-11 (0.5), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL10-15 (4), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL10-12 (0.5), Fast-Talk-13 (1), Forgery/TL10-11 (0.5), Gambling-13 (1), Holdout-12 (0.5), Judo-12 (2), Lockpicking/TL10-13 (1), Pickpocket-12 (2), Professional Skill (Store clerk)-12 (0.5), Scrounging-13 (0.5), Stealth-14 (4), Streetwise-14 (2), Traps/TL10-13 (1).

Psionic Skills:

Astral Projection-14 (4), Astral Sight-11 (0.5)



Most of his tricks could probably be duplicated by magic - perhaps he has an Invisible Wizard Eye knack?

Modern and Near Future:

Just chage the tech-levels of skills.

Jacob's not really a bad person, he's just a little, well, small-souled. He never really had the ambition to work at the hard stuff. Stealing things isn't hard. It's interesting. And when you can wander around Astrally for decently long periods of time, you can find out all sorts of security holes!

As a potential PC or associated NPC, it's entirely possible Jacob got his hands on something he shouldn't have, and just acquired an Enemy he didn't want - or possibly somebody's after him who'd like to use Jacob's skills for their own purposes. Jacob would be unhappy to get picked up by government/corporate spooks, even if they weren't going to throw him in jail!

As an NPC who is no friend to the group, he's a most annoying spy, and would be happy to figure out a way to let the PCs take the fall for some crime he can't figure out how to manage quietly. Or maybe he steals something from the PCs, and they want it back. For all his "I am an accomplished criminal" bravado, Jacob's still pretty civilized, and would be easily terrorized by the average group of PCs. If they can figure out who he is and how to catch somebody who could be listening to them at any time . . .

Typical Quotes:

"This job is so boring."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll get back to work in a second. (muttered:) Dictator."

"I read about that in the news - sounds like an inside job to me. How else would somebody have gotten those security codes?"

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