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Penelope "Penny" Adair

Starship Mechanic/Engineer

Total: 65 points

Appearance: About 5'10", short copper-red hair, pale-copper skin, copper-brown eyes, wears gold and copper biosuits . . . Not very buxom or hippy, but has legs that go up forever.


(-10) ST 9
(0) DX 10
(45) IQ 14
(0) HT 10
Thrust: 1d-2, Swing: 1d-1, Speed: 5, Move: 5

Advantages (40 points):

Ally (Quicksilver, fairly often: 9-; 5 points), Eidetic Memory (Level 1; 30 points), Attractive

[Using our house-version of Eidetic, where level 1 adds +2 to all mental skills, but does not double effective points in a skill. May double time-use, though.]

Disadvantages (-20 points):

Absent-mindedness, Secret (her background; would attract unwelcome attention, -5 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Very fond of Quicksilver; Claims to be from Sparrion; Doesn't talk about her past; Likes wearing flashy outfits; Apparently monogamous.


New Garavaran (Human, M/A)-14, Thral (Common alien, M/A)-13 (0.5), Unar (Common alien, M/A)-13 (0.5)


Acting-14 (0.5), Area Knowledge (sector)-15 (0.5), Astrogation-14 (0.5), Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL11-11 (0.5), Computer Operation/TL11-16 (1), Computer Programming/TL11-14 (1), Dancing-8 (0.5), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-15 (1), Engineer (Robotics)/TL11-14 (1), Engineer (Powerplant)/TL11-13 (0.5), Engineer (Warp Drive)/TL11-13 (0.5), Free Fall/TL11-9 (1), Low-G Flight-8 (0.5), Mathematics-13 (0.5), Mechanic (Robotics)/TL11-15 (1), Mechanic (Powerplant)/TL11-14 (0.5), Mechanic (Starship)/TL11-15 (1), Mechanic (Warp Drive)/TL11-14 (0.5), Sex Appeal (specialization: Quicksilver)-8 : 14 (1), Vacc Suit/TL11-14 (0.5)



Penny's probably a low-tech engineer - carts, saddles, ships, etc., take your pick. (Probably the one that Fantasy-Silver uses most.) She may be Literate, but that's now an advantage. Adjust skills and TLs to fit. Her background might be as the daughter of a lesser noble or merchant - i.e., someone who shouldn't be hanging around with a nortorious smuggler/bandit queen.


Penny is a mechanic for cars (racing cars?), boats, or aircraft - whichever vehicle type the Modern version of Quicksilver uses most. Alter skills and TLs to fit.

Near Future

Same conversions as Modern. Penny may have some cyberware that helps her with electronics (a cyber-eye with magnification, for instance), or may just rely on her tools. Remove Free Fall and consider adding Electronics (Weapons) and Electronics (Security Systems).

Rather shy when not around her hero(ine), Penny is actually something of a mystery - she appeared from out of nowhere (apparently) and somehow bewitched the notorious Quicksilver Hawke into spending time with her rather than anyone else! At least, at New Garavar station. Silver seems to be as infamously promiscious as always when away from New Garavar.

Penny claims to be an engineer from Sparrion, but while she's got the skills, she doesn't entirely talk the talk right. (For one thing, she doesn't speak Sparrial!) Most people think that she's a ground-born, spacer-wannabe, Quicksilver-groupie who somehow figured out how to attract that hotshot pilot's attention - and fondness. This suspicion is strengthened by the fact that Penny almost never shows up except when Silver's in port.

From Penny's coloration, she's either using virus dyes to change her hair and skin color, or her parent(s) fancied a touch of genetic engineering. Her eye-color could be the result of gengineering, virus dyes, or contact lenses.

(Penny's a relatively recent addition to the various NPCs in the local game. Figure that she counts as a "free" dependant/ally to Silver.)

Typical Quotes:

"Oh, we met when she was rescuing me from pirates. Or was it the other way around?"

"Where on Sparrion? Nowhere special. One of the stations, usually."

"Sorry, Flare, you're not my type."

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