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Silver "Quicksilver" Hawke

TL11 Smuggler/Hot Pilot

Total: 100 points

Appearance: 5-foot-7 (5'10" in heels), short white-blond curls, bright blue eyes, fair skin, wicked grin, lots of attitude. About 25 years old.


(-10) ST 9
(45) DX 14
(30) IQ 13
(0) HT 10

Advantages: (26 points)

3D Spatial Sense, Reputation +1 (as hot pilot, from other pilots, sometimes; 1 point), Beautiful.

Disadvantages: (-36 points)

Compulsive Carousing (-5 points), On the Edge, Overconfidence, Reputation -2 (as smuggler, from Customs, all the time; -3 points), Reputation -2 (as a troublemaker, from station security, all the time; -3 points).

Quirks: (-5 points)

Will bed anything sentient; Claims she was stolen and raised by Sparrials; Wears mirror-reflective biosuit with 2 or 3 inch heels; Will not go to bed with anyone with an ego bigger than hers; Has a -3 (or worse) reaction to anyone propositioning her - she does the asking, thank you very much!


New Garavaran (human, M/A)-13, Thral (M/A common alien)-12 (1), Sparrial (M/A alien, known for smuggling)-12 (1).


Acting-12 (1), Area Knowledge (Sector)-13 (1), Astrogation-14 (1), Beam Weapons (laser)/TL11-15 (0.5), Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL11-15 (0.5), Brawling-15 (2), Carousing-12 (8), Computer Operation/TL11-12 (0.5), Dancing-13 (1), Detect Lies-12 (2), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL11-13 (2), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-12 (1), Erotic Art-12 (1), Fast Draw (Pistol)-14 (1), Fast-Talk-14 (4), First Aid/TL11-12 (0.5), Free Fall/TL11-14 (2), Gunner (Laser)/TL11-14 (0.5), Holdout-12 (1), Law-10 (0.5), Mechanic (Starship)/TL11-13 (2), Piloting (Aircar)/TL11-12 (0.5), Piloting (Large Spacecraft)/TL11-17 (8), Piloting (Space Shuttle)/TL11-14 (1), Sex Appeal-11* (4), Streetwise-13 (2), Vacc Suit/TL11-11 (0.5).

*This doesn't include bonuses for her Beautiful Appearance - +2 if the subject isn't attracted to females, +4 if the victim is attracted to females.



Silver could be anything from a Robin Hood-style "robber queen" to a sea-going smuggler to a land-going smuggler. Literacy becomes an advantage (though she wouldn't show it off much) and change her skills to suit her enviornment. Also give her access to reliable contraceptives and healing magic . . . .


Coast Guard and Customs agents throughout the world wish that Silver would retire from her antics. At least she's more likely to smuggle stuff just to avoid import taxes, rather than transporting illegal drugs (she seems to have some sense of honor about those, or else she just doesn't like the sort of people who deal in that stuff). Add Camoflauge and No-Landing Extraction; remove Vacc Suit and Free Fall. Change her Piloting skills to equivalent TL7 ones (Driving: Car, Piloting: Helicopter, and Piloting: Small Plane, probably), etc.

Near Future:

About the same as Modern, but Silver will also deal in smuggled data. Add Disguise, Stealth, and some other good espionage-type skills; remove Vacc Suit and Free Fall; change Astrogation to Navigation, etc. She'll have lots of tech goodies at all times.

"Aye, Quicksilver, the places you've been to / The cargos you've smuggled, the stories you tell / Aye, Quicksilver, we sing to your glory / The pilots who'd love you and love you so well."

Silver "Quicksilver" Hawke is a hot pilot, in at least three sense of the word (involving legalities, skill, and appearance). A self-proclaimed Living Legend, she takes care to act larger than life at all times; she has no known family, and claims either that she walked out of a prototype FTL drive (then ravished the inventor and stole the prototype), or that she was stolen by Sparrials and raised by them until she figured out she was a little tall and unfurry to be a Sparrial. (This usually goes hand-in-hand with the tale that she was abandoned on Kintara Station first - Silver figures that if her mother is anything like her, Mom either blew herself up long ago, or is living on the surface of Kintara with about five of the felinoid-centaur aliens . . . all males.)

Silver will outfly anything or crash trying - dodging the Patrol is just great fun! She's wanted on the Thral homeworld for breaking about fifty traffic laws when she was smuggling a shuttle down to the surface . . . She wound up leading the Thral authorities a merry chase through the downtown skyscrapers in one of the planet's major cities. AKA "The Han Solo Memorial Astroid Belt Maneuver." (A little-known fact is that the "pursuing ships" were really holo-projections, to keep the real cops from chasing after her and maybe crashing into something; the Thral police want her more for the embarassment she caused than for the actual laws she broke.)

Her "On the Edge" disad isn't so much not-caring whether she lives or dies, but a severe case of adrenalin-addiction; pushing the limits, "Dancing on the Edge," pitting her skills against the universe (and usually winning). She does (discreetly) keep braintapes, though - she says the universe needs its living legends.

Though apparently a nympho of the first water (species and gender just don't matter), Quicksilver actually does take "no" for an answer, if delivered politely. Without an explanation, she'll probably push a little, of course, but saying that she's just not the right gender / species to interest her target is usually acceptable. (This is not well-known - many people believe that saying "No" gets you in trouble, and saying "Yes" means you die happy . . . ) Another good reason is being in a monogamous relationship - as far as Silver's concerned, there are plenty of other fish in the starry sea, and she's not going to lower herself to catfighting over one bedmate more or less. Another of her quirks is "Let her ask you!"; propositioning Silver is a good way to get a stunner-shot in the family jewels. If she's "bored," she'll be the one doing the asking, and otherwise, she doesn't want to be bothered.

In case you hadn't guessed, I've been playing Silver (though this one is actually a simplified variant) for about 70 points' worth of game (of which 30 went to raising her IQ to 14, and another 10 bought off her addiction to DX-Adders . . . ). She's great fun. She makes a nice bit of NPC color, too. She's liable to poke her nose into just about anything with blithe abandon - after all, she can handle it, and even the things she's not sure she can handle are exciting too!

Typical Quotes:

"Station Control, if you don't give me a flight path soon, I'll make my own. <pause> Time's up!"

"You want to get to a Precursor site on a planet that's been declared off-limits by the Thral government and is guarded by who knows how many of their patrol ships? Dr. Hill, you've got a deal. Be on the Bullet in three hours."

"Is that rumor true about me? Hand me a coin - heads, it's the stars' own facts; tails, it's lies to tarnish my sterling reputation."

"You're cute. Got a couple hours?"

"This isn't weird. Weird is a menage a' trois with a Kintaran male and a virgin AI. That was positively surreal."

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