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Sapient Diana

(aka Diana Falkayne, when "passing for human")

Free AI: Robot and Starship

?? points

Diana is not yet completed - in particular, her skills are not described. However, her "Wonder'bot" body design is finished . . . .

Diana's been known to hang around with Quicksilver Hawke, splitting six-packs of Marines and sharing Kintarans. Part of the reason for this is that her creator (Selene Holmes (B) was somewhat unwise when selecting Diana's personality seeds. Diana's personality seed is based on a composite of hot pilots from myth and history - and some grad-student did a paper on "Modern Myths: Quicksilver the Smuggler."

Diana claims she's "the virtual daughter of Silver Hawke and Han Solo."

Quicksilver tells her that she's got too many H's and S's in her geneology, "and stop calling me 'Mom'!"

While in her human form, she calls herself Diana Falkayne, and is usually "passing for human" (i.e., she got herself an ID card that shows her as a human, and doesn't mention she's really a 'bot). She also gets into bar-fights, to Selene's dismay. Diana says it's because she's tired of the ship being stuck going around and around and around and [repeat ad nauseaum] around New Garavar, being a houseboat. A bored AI, programmed with the personality seed of hot pilots, is liable to get inventive - and thus the Wonder'Bot body was born.

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