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Jil Medy

Bioengineered Doctor

Total: 168 points
[Created by David Hadar (]

A slim & tall woman. She has short red hair that looks like fire. Her eyes are a deep, unnatural blue. You would not know that she is an android from a glance. She usually wears a blue doctor's robe that stands in contrast to her red flaming hair.


9 ST
13 DX
15 IQ
12 HT


Appearance: Beautiful; Eidetic Memory (30 points; Empathy; Extra Fatigue +4 (12 points)


Code of Honor: Doctor's) (-10 points); Compulsive Behavior (healing) (-15 points); Pacifism (-15 points); Sense of Duty: Patients (-5 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Doesn't date a lot; Energetic about medicine; Hates being called "red head"; Wants to see New aliens; Would not like to have Children


15     4    Biochemistry
13     0.5  Chemistry
17     2    Diagnosis
13     0.5  Ecology
16     2    Electronics Operation (medical)
19     0    First Aid
15     4    Genetics
15     4    Genetics (Genetic Engineering)
13     1    Linguistics
13     0.5  Naturalist
19     6    Physician
17     8    Physiology
14     0.5  Planetology (Earth like)
14     0.5  Planetology (Gas Giants)
14     0.5  Planetology (Hostile Terrestial)
14     0.5  Planetology (Rock/Ice Worlds)
14     1    Psychology
14     0.5  Research
16     4    Surgery
13     0.5  Veterinary
14     0.5  Xenobiology (Gas Giants)
16     2    Xenobiology (Hostile Terrestial)
16     2    Xenobiology (Terrestial)
14     1    Zoology



A medieval herbalist who likes other races. She might have healing magic but I think that it would ruin the effect of a doctor that does not need anything but her knowledge. Take off the TL skills and the space skills (Planetology etc.). Add Survival skills and Alchemy and put more points in Naturalist.


You don't have use Genetics to mold people into doctors. She can be the only daughter of a successful doctor, who pressured her into being the best doctor. Change TL skills and lose space skills (or not, maybe she still likes aliens the "X-file" way). Add status and wealth.

Near future :

Can be as in the modern or in space. I debate it if in a Cpunk world somebody will spend money on creating a good-hearted doctor.


Attributes: 100
Advantages: 72
Disadvantages: -45
Quirks: -5
Skills: 46
Total: 168


Jil was bio-engineered by a doctor who was lonely. His wife died 4 years before that. He still had some DNA samples of her, so he tinkered with them, added some of his and some synthetic DNA to create the daughter he never had, the perfect doctor.

She was raised as a normal child and went to school with other children. She was always smarter then her classmates. She never thought that she was bio-engineered, but when she was 13 her father told her the truth about her origins. She took it badly but got over it; since then she doesn't like to talk about it but it isn't a secret. When she was 21 she went to study medicine at a very good university. She was very interested in alien life forms. When she finished her studying, she spent 4 years giving her services to star ships. And learning more about alien biology and psychology. Now she is a resident doctor in one of the human trading station (lots of aliens there).

Most of her time she spends in the medlab. She got her red hair from her mother; she always hated it when people thought she had redhead qualities (emotional, easy to get angry, etc.). Her father always got angry when she talked about changing it, so she didn't.

She will be nice to any sick person (+4 reaction), but usually won't have time for healthy people. Eventually she will break down, endangering the life off her patients. [Sounds like Workaholic to me . . . --arcangel]

In your game she can be a Ally or a Patron for a medical PC. As somebody that patches the PCs up whenever they get injured, that could lead to a hopeless love interest (she doesn't have time for healthy people). She might have information about an hostile alien race but she will rather destroy it than give it away. The same thing about patients - she will not talk about patients.

Typical Quotes:

"You're not my type. For starters, you're not sick."
"I don't have time for healthy people."
"You've been coming here often - maybe you should buy impact armor."
"Sleep is for losers."
"Very interesting. " (in front of a alien that has 3 slimy haeds)

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