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Eleithia Stel-Reidlyn

TL5 Doctor and Psi Healer

Total: 125.5 points (17 unspent; why yes, she is a PC of mine . . . )


(-10) ST 9
(20) DX 12
(60) IQ 15
( 0) HT 10
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1-1, Speed 5.5, Move 4.

Advantages: (53 points)

Immunity to Disease, Literacy, Magical Aptitude +1, Strong Will +1, Attractive, Healing Power 3 (Enhancement: Reduced Fatigue +3 (Healing skill)(+60%); Enhancement: Affects Others (Metabolism Control skill)(+40%) (Range: Power-1 yards; +2 if touching and Power >1; contest of skill vs HT).)

[House Rule: this is using the old rules for healing - if using the "prototype" rules (where fatigue per hits healed is based on Healing Power), then she only gets Reduced Fatigue +1, and may have an enhancement that gives her power a wider scope - she can heal more than just humans/humanoids.]

Disadvantages: (-40 points)

Bad Sight (Nearsighted, Wears Glasses; -10 points), Bloodlust, Mercenary [this is a half-cost, lesser version of Greed; -5 points], Miserliness, Stubbornness.

Quirks: (-5 points)

Matriarchal background; Dissects things; Arrogent; Likes/collects "Tech of the Ancients"; [1 undetermined].


Inga-15, Common-13 (0.5), Ancient's language (written) (M/VH)-11 (0.5).


Acting-10, Alchemy/TL3-0 [but she's interested], Area Knowledge (Hospitals)-14 (0.5), Artist-12 (0.5), Astronomy/TL5-12 (0.5), Astrology/TL4-11, Black Powder Weapons-15 (2), Biochemistry/TL5-7, Brawling-12 (1), Breath Control-11 (0.5), Chemistry/TL5-12 (0.5), Cooking-11, Detect Lies-12 (0.5), Diagnosis/TL5-13 (0.5), Diplomacy-12 (0.5), Fast Draw (Pistol)-11 (0.5), Fast-Talk-13 (0.5), First Aid/TL5-16, Gambling-13 (0.5), Genetics/TL5-11 (0.5), Hypnotism-12 (0.5), Knife-12 (1), Knife Throwing-11 (0.5), Mathematics-12 (0.5), Naturalist-12 (0.5), Occultism-13 (0.5), Physician/TL5-16 (6), Physician/TL4-15, Physician/TL3-14, Physiology/TL5-12 (0.5), Poisons-13, Psychology-12 (0.5), Riding (Horse)-10 (0.5), Scrounging-14 (0.5), Stealth-11 (0.5), Surgery-12 (0.5), Tracking-13 (0.5), Veterinary/TL5-12 (0.5), Zoology-12 (0.5).

Psi Skills:

Healing-14 (3.5), Life Extension-12 (0.5), Metabolism Control-13 (1.5), Sense Aura-13 (1).


None yet.

Weapons & Possessions

Knife,large (steel): $80, 1#, cut 1-2, impale 1-1;
- thrown, impale 1-1, SS 12, Acc 0, 1/2 7, Max 45.
Dagger (steel): $40, 0.25#, impale 1-2;
- thrown, impale 1-2, SS 12, Acc 0, 1/2 4, Max 9.
Repeating.36 caplock: [Skill: 14, because of weight] $40, 3#, Malf 14, Dmg 2d-1, RoF 1, Shots 5, Rcl -2, SS 10, Acc 1, 1/2 100, Max 1100. [Soon to become useless, due to lack of bullets . . . ]
Clothing (middle-class): $40, 1#.
Leather jacket: PD1, DR1, $50, 4#.
TL5 Doctor's black bag (+2 to F.A.): $300, 15#.
Pers.basics(Inc.spare glasses in sturdy wooden case): $5, 0#.
Purse,large (10#): $20, 1#.
Whetstone: $5, 1#.
Shoes: $20, 1#.
Hairclasps & bracelets: $80, 0#.
2 Healing potions (looted from bandits): $0, 0#.
Ares potion (DX-Adder) (also looted): $0, 0#.
TL16 medscanner: $0, .25#.
Coins: $12.
Equipment Totals: $692, 27#.


Modern through Space:

Either tweak with tech levels or give her levels of Primitive.

Eleithia Stel-Reidlyn was designed for a somewhat odd game that merged psi, magic, standard fantasy, and ultra-tech . . . The premise is that there was once a great starfaring culture (about TL16) that got from point A to point B primarily via teleport-gates. However, some big supernova-type thing that I've forgotten (handwave, handwave) came along and everything having to do with electricity went unreliable and then quit. This was kind of hard on stargates and TL-Silly cultures. Dark Ages. Except on this one planet, GlassGreen (now known as Glasgren), a bunch of matriarchal types (darn near Feminazi) got together and, in the duration before the shockwave reached their planet, started recording all the knowledge they could into books of metal, and gengineering all kinds of things that would be helpful - plants that naturally generated the equivalent of Quickheal, for instance. Medical knowledge was one of the big things, but things like gunpowder were also researched. The result was that when the Dark Ages came, the people on that island (Emyle) were higher tech than the rest of the barbarians and soon assumed a position of isolationist power. (If you've read the "Recluse" books, that's about right.) Their basic Tech Level was 5.

Some of the gengineering was to make many of the inhabitants of Emyle psionic. Over the years, those who had demonstrated psionic power could attach a prefix to their names - Eleithia's is "Stel" (meaning "trained and operant psionic healer"). Now, when electricity is just starting to work again, the game begins . . . Eleithia is the daughter of a fairly well-off family (about Social Status 1 or 2, on her own world); she went to the "big city" to go to med school, got her Masters equivalent, got into a little scandal involving the son of a neighboring family (equal social status . . . ), and decided that maybe it would be best if she got a job in the city until the lad's family stopped insisting that she marry him. (There are some considerations about stels (healers), in particular, "ruining" a youth of gentle breeding for any other kind of match. Telepaths (prefix "Thom") are viewed in much the same way. Besides, psionics are good "catches.")

Her job was being a medic for a local police force. One day, they got a call about a "monster" that had been stealing plows, buckets, and even some livestock. Yeah, right. So she and a couple of police go and investigate. They do find a monster - big black spider-thing with a bright light/eye on it. They fire. It comes after them. Eleithia keeps firing. Suddenly, everything goes dark . . . When she wakes up, she's on another world.

Turns out that there was one world which was not affected by the anti-tech shockwave. It's far outside the galactic plane (Stel, as she's been nicknamed these days, was quite upset when she found THERE WEREN'T ANY STARS AT NIGHT!), and magic works there . . . Elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons, etc. They're there, too. Things were fine, until there was a nasty war between the human nations of the two continents - then their civilization broke down, to about TL3 [TL5 is the nominal level; everyone else gets some level of Primitive, which, I believe, didn't count against disads]. Except there are still living-metal-constructed- and-maintained buildings and roads here and there, claimed by the mages for the most part. Much to Stel's disgust, during the war, the "doctors" released a plague (it induced madness in pure humans; every human on the planet had to be gengineered a little, so they have a trace of elf-blood in them - not much effect, besides having ever so slightly pointed ears), and now "doctors" are considered evil and to be killed.

It's quite an interesting world, and I hope that we can get back to it someday. Stel, because of what her foremothers did, can actually read a little of the Ancients' language, which comes in handy at times (it was great fun, playing with security cameras in a newly discovered installation). She also found one of the governmental "keys" (a green rod, about a foot long) - now, if only enough of those could be found, perhaps a way could be discovered to purge the plague and lift the quarantine so that Stel could go home? In the short term, while she's been inside an Ancient's autodoc and been pronounced naturally immune to the Madness Plague, one of her companions (from yet another world!) is not, and she's got enough of the "Doctor's Ethic" that she wants to make him immune.

I've been saving her points so that I can buy her up to Magery 2 (this is allowed, for double-cost, same as a stat) later. Either that, or get a whole bunch of spells sometime . . .

[Note: if there's interest, I've actually got some general notes about Stel's world - I find it somewhat amusing, and could be talked into emailing it or something . . . Or maybe I'll just stick this on a web-page with a link here.]

Typical Quotes:

"What's a nice boy like you doing out here? What would your mother think?"

"Orc, huh? Looks like some mutant human, really. Wish I could dissect one that didn't have the bullet holes in it."

"Gah! Men! Idiots!"

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