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Sir Ian "Ian the Blessed" MacCleod

Knight Templer (Yrth human knight)

Total: 222 points
[Created by: Tom Nadratowski (]

Age: 28, 6'2", 185lbs, Brown hair; green eyes.

Attributes (100 points):

ST:12, DX:13, IQ:13, HT:12
Basic Speed: 6.25; Move: depends on what he's wearing; Parry: 7; Block: 7

Advantages (70+ points):

15pt combat reflexes, 10pt literacy, 15pt Magery 1, 15pt status 3 (landed knight), 15pt +3 reputation, to Christians, as unfailing and faithful, Weapon master/sword

Disadvantages (-40 points):

-10pt Bad temper, -10pt honest, -5pt stubborn, -10pt sense of duty (to templars, and to Christians); -5pt -1 reputation, to muslims.

Knightly vestaments (+5 points):

30pt Patron, Templar order, 12-; 10pt legal enforcement powers; 5pt Clerical investment, -15pt Duty, all the time, to templars 15-; -10pt vow (poverty, chastity, obedience); -10pt Gentleman's code of honor.

Quirks (-5 points):

Talks to horse as if he can understand; Hates people who fawn and grasp, likes non-humans, intolerant of stupidity, gives to beggars and others in need in private.

Skills (Skill, type, (points) level) (63 points):

Acting M/A (1) 12, Administration M/A (1) 12; Area Know./Billit Island M/E (1) 13; Armory M/A (2) 13; Broadsword P/A (8) 15; Camoflage M/E (1) 13; Detect Lies M/H (1) 11; Diplomacy M/H (4) 13; Fast-draw/sword P/E (1) 13; First-aid M/E (1) 13; Heraldry M/A (2) 13; Intelligence Analysis M/H (4) 13; Knife P/E (1) 13; Lance P/A (8) 15; Research M/A (1) 12; Riding: Horse P/A (4) 14; Shield P/E (4) 15; Stealth P/A (2) 13; Strategy M/H (4) 13; Tactics M/H (4) 13; Theology M/H (4) 13; Occultism M/A (4) 14

Spells (34 points):

(all at 12) Apportation, daze, fear, foolishness, forgetfulness, glue, great haste, iron arm, itch, lighten burden, pain, panic, poltergeist, quick march, spasm, stun, winged knife.

Possesions :

Hvy plate, DR 9*, pd 6**, 82.5lbs***
Hvy Lthr, PD 2, DR2, 20 lbs;
chainmail, DR 4/2, pd 3/1, 45 lbs;
Med. shield, PD 3, 25 lbs;
1 large knife, 1 lb;
Thrusting broadsword, very fine quality.
Heavy Warhorse (Named Phelan) ST:46, DX:13, IQ:5, HT13, Spd 15/7, PD3/DR3 with Lthr Barding. Dam 1+2 CR; size : 3; wt 1800lbs.

* Enchanted with fortify
** Enchanted with deflect
*** Enchanted with lighten

Ian was born the fourth son of a poor washerwoman, in Sho' joor. His father was a sailor who was lost at sea 8 months after he was born. Ian was destined to take on the life of a sailor (because his father's friends were guiding him), until it was discovered his aptitude for magery at 10. A Dominican friar, himself a mage, detected Ian's latent talents and asked his mother to take Ian as an apprentice. The mother gladly let him go, to reduce the mouths she had to feed. Ian never returned. The friar entered Ian into the Mage's academy at Azer. Ian spent the next few years as an apprentice at the college in Azer, and then in the main academy learning to be a Templar knight. He did well in all his work, being dubbed a knight at 21.

His first assignment was to command a small castle on Billit Island. Ian hated the climate, but loved the wild beauty of the land. He became friends with many of the local rulers, and helped one of them recover his lost daughter from a spirit that had taken her. He also recovered the remains, and magic armor, from a dead Templar knight whose body had been dug up. It had been disinterred to get the magic items rumored to be there by a desperate town, that was suffering from pirate raids. Ian not only got the armor back, but broke up the pirates with the help of his friends. As an additional reward, Ian was given care of the armor, which is listed above. He has saved up and had it enchanted to its current level. Because of these and other successes, Ian earned the sobriquet "the blessed", because he has yet to fail to achieve any task set before him. Ian places all the credit in the hands of the Lord, and also because he never undertakes anything without being blessed first.

(Note: Ian started out as a standard 100 point character, who was a knight Templar with about four spells and not many more skills. Many of the advantages and attribute levels were gained during play. Ian is still played occasionally, but is retired to his school/monastery on Billit Island. I left out many campaign specific details so he'd be more useful to others.).

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