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Nameless Character #2

Berserking Ellyl (See Ellyon in GURPS Fantasy Folk)

Total: 100 points


( 0) ST 5
(20) DX 15
(30) IQ 13
( 0) HT 10/6
Thrust 1-5, Swing 1-5, Speed 6.25, Move 6, Flying 12

Advantages (68 points):

Ellyl (20), Acute Hearing +2 (Racial), Acute Vision +3 (Racial), Appearance +2 (Racial), Night Vision (Racial), Passive Defense +1 (Racial), Winged Flight (Racial), +3 to Stealth, +2 to any attempt to hide (Racial), Luck +2 (30 points), Magical Resistance +4, Not Impulsive (10 points).

Disadvantages (-30 points):

Ellyllon Code of Honor(-5) (Racial): Fragile (Racial), Inconvenient Size (Racial), Berserk, Claustrophobia (mild).

Quirks (-5 points):

Footloose/dislikes staying in one place; Actually tries to ignore insults, if can; Something of a (wistful) mage-groupie; Often travels under assumed name; Overconfident.


Human-13, Elvish-11 (0.5).


Flight-15, Savoir-Faire 13, Poisons-13 (4), Sword-14 (1), Spear-15 (2), Spear Throwing-16 (2), Bow-14 (2), Dancing-13 (0.5), Survival (Woodlands)-13 (2), Tracking-12 (1), Scrounging-12 (0.5), Stealth-16 (0.5) (Hiding aspect of Stealth-15), First Aid/TL3-12 (0.5), Woodworking-13 (0.5).

Conversions (you want what?):


If you can fit tiny butterfly-winged people into a modern campaign, just raise the TL skills to the right TL, and note that Illiteracy is a disadvantage that a little flying person probably wouldn't want when Literacy is free.

Near Future:

Maybe gengineering could produce a "pet fairy" who got away. Or perhaps it's a tiny robot body being run by one of the first AIs or something.


Gengineering and AI-run robot are both more plausible, as is the alien notion. Maybe take the Cidi from GURPS Aliens and attach wings . . .

This one might actually have a name, but I've forgotten it. I was in a strange mood . . . Born to a family noted for their mages, this Ellyl has Magical Resistance. When she (or he, it really doesn't matter) flew into a rage and nearly killed someone, she got banished, and now wanders the land of the Big People. Please don't tell your PCs whose fault it is, the next time they're attacked by a tiny butterfly-winged warrior in a berserk rage . . .

Typical Quotes:

"Do not insult me again."

"Where was I born? Oh, I don't know, thataway somewhere."


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