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T'k'k (also: T'kik)

Hive Beetle Ship's Engineer

[Total: 100 points]
Created by


ST: 6
DX: 11
(10 points)
IQ: 13 (30 points)
HT: 6 (-30 points)

Advantages (28 points):

Hive Beetle (28 points), Number of Drones: 12


(low HT, unless that's part of the racial that we forgot)

Quirks (-5 points):

Drones mutter; Names everything; Nicknames everyone; Argues with itself; Snoopy (the bug places bugs . . . )


Anthropology: 20th Cen. Human Culture-16 (10), Armoury/TL11-13 (2), Astrogation (Warp)-11 (0.5), Computer Operation/TL11-16 (6), El. Ops. (Communications)/TL11-15 (6), El. Ops. (Medical)/TL11-15 (6), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL11-11 (0.5), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-15 (6), Engineer (Fusion Plant)/TL11-12 (2), Engineer (Thrusters)/TL11-13 (4), Engineer (Warp Drive)/TL11-13 (4), Lockpicking/TL11-16 (8), Mechanic (Fusion Plant)/TL11-15 (6), Mechanic (Hyperdrive)/TL11-14 (4), Mechanic (Warp Drive)/TL11-15 (6), Pickpocket-12 (8), Traps/TL11-16 (8).


Hive Beetle-13, New Garavaran (Human, M/A)-17 (10 points)



I suppose that Hive Beetles could make a very interesting race to use in a game where the PCs are expecting things like Insect Men, or at worst, Thranx . . . Alter the tech levels of skills, and probably turn T'k'k into a low-tech gadgeteer.


This is a First Contact that would have war declared pretty quickly . . .

Near Future

The corp who created this biological android would be sorry. However, they are good spies (small drones which are expendable) . . . Until the entire human population turns on you, waving torches and all that good stuff, that is.

T'k'k/T'kik was the engineer for the Albatross for several years, even owning a few shares of it. Fortunately for the crew's continued sanity, T'kik finally decided it wanted to go home and find a mate, so it pulled off one last appalling joke (which wound up with some number of lunatic-fringe religious nuts thinking the Albatross' Captain was the Messiah) and left.

Typical Quotes:

"Tk-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k!" (Hive Beetle laughter . . . )

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