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Elaina Amberdon

Acrobat and Animal Handler

[created by]
Total: 150 points


( 0) ST 10
(80) DX 16
(30) IQ 13
(20) HT 12

Advantages (68 points):

Animal Empathy, Speak w/Animals (mammals, -20%), Control Animals Power 10 (Mammals Only (-20%), Uncontrollable (-30%)), Neutralize Fire Power 1 (Increased Area x5 (+100%)), Flame Jet (Breath) Power 1, Ring of Fire (1d dmg) Power 2 (Increased Area x2 (+40%), Extended Duration x1 (4s, +30%)), Attractive.

Disadvantages (-75 points):

Impulsiveness, Overconfidence, Fear of Darkness (mild), Pacifism: Self-defense Only, Sense of Duty (to circus, -5 points), Vulnerability (to Cold/Ice, Fatigue only; -10 points), Struggling.

Quirks (-5 points):



Acrobatics-17 (8), Acting-11, Animal Handling-16 (2), Climbing-14 (0.5), Dancing-14 (0.5), Driving (Truck)-14 (0.5), Escape-13 (0.5), First Aid/TL7-8, Jumping-16 (1), Lasso-16 (2), Mechanic (Automobile)/TL7-11 (0.5), Performance-13 (2), Riding (Horse)-20 (2), Sex Appeal-12 (2), Swimming-12, Veterinary/TL7-15, Whip-15 (1), Zoology-14, Control Animal (M/Super)-12 (4), Neutralize Fire (P/Super)-13 (1), Flame Jet (P/Super)-12 (0.5), Ring of Fire (P/Super)-15 (4).

"You love animals, and enjoy working with them. Your metahuman powers aren't strong enough to be make you a salable super, but they give you enough of an edge that you can do a really amazing circus act."

"You discovered your fire abilities when you were a small child, accidentally locked in a dark basement. When you panicked for light, you started a fire. Your powers aren't strong enough to be really useful, but they're enough to add flash to your lion-tamer act. You still don't like dark places, though, and you find being cold now makes you tired."

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