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Martin o' the Pines

Yrth Ranger/Scout

[created by]
Total: 100 points


(10) ST 11
(45) DX 14
(10) IQ 11
(10) HT 11

Advantages (40 points):

Alertness +3, Combat Reflexes, Night Vision.

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Claustrophobia (mild), Duty (to employer, 12-; -10 points), Honesty, Stubbornness.

Quirks (-5 points):



Bow-14 (4), Fast Draw (Arrow)-15 (1), First Aid/TL3-11 (1), Naturalist-10 (2), Riding (Horse)-12 (0.5), Shield-14 (1), Shortsword-16 (8), Stealth-15 (4), Survival (Woodlands)-13 (6), Swimming-13 (0.5), Tracking-14 (2).

Weapons & Possessions

Shortsword: $400, 2#, cut 1+1, impale 1-1.
Bow, regular: $100, 2#, impale 1, SS 13, Acc 2, 1/16 (2)5, Max 220.
Shield, small: PD14, (2), $40, 8#.
Leather armor, hvy: PD2,DR2, $350, 20#.
Quiver: $10, 1#.
20 Arrows: $40, 3#.
Pouch, small (3#): $10, 0#.
Personal basics: $5, 0#.
Coins: $45.
Equipment Totals: $1,000, 35#.



Combat-capable survivalists become less required - perhaps he's in some military unit? Literacy becomes free.

Near Future:

Perhaps a bodyguard for someone who like "getting back to nature" - or at least horseback riding and "camping out" on the estate grounds. Change the tech levels of skills - Bow will likely become Guns, for instance.


Scouts for newly discovered planets are useful. Fix the tech level of skills, and probably drop some of the combat skills a little in favor of things like Planetology, Xenology, Biology, etc.

"You make your living as guide and guard for those who travel the woodlands and other wilder parts of Megalos. You can play the part ofguide, hunter, scout, and guard equally well, and your excellent vision at night and acute senses have saved your employers from more than one bandit pack."

A more detailed description, for a different convention-game, is . . .

"You are a classical woodsman, a ranger. You spend most of your time in the evergreen forests around Crystalford, hunting food animals, dangerous creatures, robbers, and the like. You are employed by Lord Tyndall for this [a -10 point Duty], and also to serve as a scout in case of military conflicts. You are well served in your chosen profession by your advantages: Night Vision, giving you the ability to see well in all but absolute darkness; Combat Reflexes, so you are rarely surprised, and recover quickly if you are; and Alertness +4, giving you exceptionally keen senses. [Vision, hearing, and taste/smell rolls are all 16.]

"You have several disadvantages (besides your duty to Lord Tyndall). You have a tendency to want to do things your way, and are hard to talk out of your desired course of action [Stubbornness]. You are very used to the open spaces of the outdoors, and dislike being cooped-up in tight places, or underground [Claustrophobia]. You are also very lawful - you will follow the laws wherever you are with a nearly fanatical intensity [Honesty]. This does not mean you cannot lie (unless it is somehow illegal to do so), but you are compelled to stop others from violating the law, if you can. You may fight, or start one, if it is not illegal to do so. You can also kill, if this is done in a legal way (i.e., a duel, self-defense). Your word is your bond, and you are much concerned with matters of honor. You will naively tend to assume others are also honest, in absence of direct evidence to the contrary.

"Your skills are all directly related to your work: you have weapon skills in Bow and Shortsword, and Fast-Draw (Arrow), which lets you fire a bow every two turns, rather than the usual three. You also have Shield skill, which lets you block attacks, and can be used to bash opponents (crushing damage 1d+1). Several of your skills are directly related to your environment: Tracking (lets you follow creatures' tracks, or find creatures of a specified type);Naturalist, which is general knowledge about plants, animals, and their habits and interrelationships; Stealth, which allows you to move silently and under cover, and sneak up on animals or people; and Survival (Woodlands), which is knowledge of how to find essentials (food, water, shelter), and generally get along safely in the woods environment. Finally, you have some generally useful skills: First Aid/TL3 (cures 1d-3 hits of damage after a battle),Riding (Horse), and Swimming."

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