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Bobo the Superclown

Super Clown . . .

[created by]
Total: 150 points


( 0) ST 10
(45) DX 14
(20) IQ 12
( 0) HT 10

Advantages (143 points):

Bouncing Power 10, Confuse (boggle) Power 5 (Takes 4 seconds (-20%)), Water Cannon (10d) Power 5, (Knockback Only (-40%), Recoil (-40%)).

Disadvantages (-80 points):

Odious Personal Habit: Practical Joker (-10 points) Pacifism: Cannot Kill, Dwarfism, Fat, Gluttony, Struggling, Unattractive.

Quirks (-5 points):



Acrobatics-12 (1), Acting-13, Bard-13, Bicycling-13 (0.5), Brawling-13 (0.5), Demolition/TL7-11 (1), Engineer (Bombs&Traps)/TL7-10 (1), Fast-Talk-13 (4), Gesture-12 (1), Jumping-14 (1), Leadership-11 (1), Performance-15 (8), Sleight of Hand-12 (1), Throwing-12 (1), Climbing-13 (1), Confuse (M/Super)-11 (4), Water Cannon (P/Super)-11 (1).

"Your metahuman powers seemed to destine you to be a clown - you can take long falls and be hit with blunt objects, taking little or no hurt from the experience. You can also fire an incredibly powerful stream of water from the tip of your finger, literally washing people away, but the recoil from this will knock you backwards. Not that you mind, it's funnier that way. You can also boggle people with your routines - they stand there and stare, unable to do anything for several seconds. You're not superhero material, and where else but the circus could you make a living by bouncing off the walls? You're also short, fat, and unappealing to the rubes, though the circus folk don't mind your appearance - you bring in the crowds."

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