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Yrth Elf, Warrior

[Created by]
Total: 100 points


(20) ST 11
(30) DX 14
(10) IQ 12
(20) HT 12
Thrust 1-1, Swing 1+1, Speed 7.63, Move 6.

Advantages (44 points)

Elf, Combat Reflexes (Racial), Magical Aptitude +1, Musical Ability +2, Unaging (Racial), Attractive (Racial), Strong Will +1.

Disadvantages (-40 points)

Code of Honor (Live elegant life) (Racial), Sense of Duty (Nature) (Racial), Claustrophobia (Severe), Duty: to Elowyn (12-, -10 points).

Quirks (-5 points)

[I dunno what they are, but Aloryn has 'em.]


Elvish-12, Anglish-10 (0.5).


Bard-8, Savoir-Faire-9, Area Knowl. (N&E of Teridar)-11 (0.5), Bow-15 (8), Broadsword-15 (4), Climbing-12 (0.5), Dancing-9, Fast Draw (Arrow)-14 (0.5), Fast Draw (Sword)-14 (0.5), First Aid/TL3-11 (0.5), Knife-10, Musical Instr. (lute)-11 (0.5), Riding (Horse)-12 (0.5), Running-9 (0.5), Shield-13 (0.5), Stealth-14 (2), Survival (Woodlands)-11 (1), Swimming-10, Tracking-11 (1).


[Aloryn is young yet, and more interested in weapons than spells.]

Weapons & Possessions:

Longbow, $200, 3#, impale 1+1, SS 15, Acc 3, 1/2 165, Max 220.
Quiver, $10, 1#.
10 Arrows, $20, 1#.
Broadsword, $500, 3#, cut 1+2, crush 1.
Shield, small: PD2, $40, 8#.
Leather armor, lt.: PD1,DR1, $210, 10#.
Pouch,small (3#), $10, 0#.
Personal basics, $5, 0#.
Coins: $5
Equipment Totals: $1,000, 26#.



If there are elves running around loose . . . Add some tech skills and Literacy.

Near Future:

"Elves" may be a gengineered race! To get the right attitude, though, maybe they took over the company that created them . . . Their "magic" might be psionics.


"Elves" might be an alien race - either leave as-is (for a primitive one), or add tech skills and Literacy. The magical abilities may be replaced with similar psionic ones.

[These were done up for a con - it's a diplomatic (?) party of elves, sent to Megalos to protest the breaking of some treaties; in the convention-game, they arrived just as somebody started trying to kill all the elves in Megalos . . . One of the great things about elves is that all the names can be for either gender. <grin>]

Aloryn is a guard for Elowyn, an elvish diplomat who deals with humans.

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