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These are a collection of elves used for a convention game:

Aloryn, Yrth Elf, Warrior (100 points)
Belinor, Yrth Elf, Warrior (100 points)
Elowyn, Yrth Elf, Diplomat (100 points)
Lindoryl, Yrth Elf, Combat Mage (100 points)
Lynofar, Yrth Elf, Healer-Mage (100 points)
Rylithan, Yrth Elf, Bard (100 points)
Sylanar, Yrth Elf, Scout (100 points)
Terilyn, Yrth Elf, Mage (100 points)

These are elves found elsewhere:

A "*" means it's a link to another site.

Lindir of Livelis, Elf Mage (246 points)
Quakimra, Small Elf Wizardess (100 points)
Sulta, Converted AD&D Elf (119 points)
Cyndra Wanderfoot, Half-elf Bard (100 points)

Here's a racial design:

Shy and mysterious Sea Elves (45 points)

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