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Cyndra Wanderfoot

Half-elf Bard

Total: 100 points

Average Appearance; 5'8", 97lbs. Amber eyes, lt brn hair (dyed red). 18 years old.


( 0) ST 10
(10) DX 11
(45) IQ 15
( 0) HT 10
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1, Speed 6.13, Move 4.

Advantages (52 points):

Half-Elf, Extended Lifespan (Racial), Magery +1 (Racial), Literacy, One College Magery (Sound) +3.

[Another case of the "Mixed Magery" House Rule; Cyndra has Magery 1 for most spells, but Magery 3 for Sound College spells. Hey, daddy was one of those elvish bards, y'know?]

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Overconfidence, Pacifism: Self-defense Only, Truthfulness, Skinny, Technophobia (Mild).

Quirks (-5 points):

Footloose, Hangs around humans (they treat her as adult), Cordialy dislikes goblin "groupies", Uses henna (for red hair), Doesn't get along well with her human mother.


Anglish-15, Elvish-13 (0.5).


Area Knowledge (<some country>)-14 (0.5), Bard-13 (0.5), Buckler-10 (0.5), Dancing-10 (1), Diplomacy-12 (0.5), Fast-Talk-13 (0.5), First Aid/TL3-10, Magic Jet-11 (1), Musical Instr. (Voices Spell)-13 (1), Musical Instr. (Harp)-12 (0.5), Musical Instr. (Flute)-12 (0.5), Navigation/TL3-12 (0.5), Performance-13 (0.5), Poetry-13 (0.5), Running-7 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-14 (0.5), Shortsword-9 (0.5), Singing-10 (1), Survival (Woodlands)-13 (0.5).


(Sound College:) Sound-16 (1), Voices-16 (1), Thunderclap-16 (1), Great Voice-16 (1), Sound Jet-16 (1), Silence-16 (1), Wall of Silence-16 (1), Noise-16 (1), Hush-16 (1), Mage-Stealth-16 (1), Far-Hearing-16 (1), Keen Ears-16 (1), Sound Vision-16 (1), Wizard Ear-16 (1), Invisible Wizard Ear-16 (1), Delayed Message-16 (1), (Other Colleges:) Apportation-14 (1), Light-14 (1), Continual Light-14 (1), Light Jet-14 (1), Flash-14 (1), Darkness-14 (1), Blur-14 (1), Invisibility-14 (1), Sense Life-14 (1), Lend Strength-14 (1), Recover Strength-16 (1).

Weapons & Possessions:

Cheap Shortsword, $160, 2#, cut 1, impale 1-2.
Buckler: PD1, $25, 2#.
Backpack (sm. 40#), $60, 3#.
First Aid kit (+1 to F.A.), $30, 2#.
Hatchet, wood (-1 combat), $20, 2#.
Lantern, $20, 2#. Lantern oil (5 pt, 24 hrs), $5, 10#.
Leather jacket, PD1, DR1, $50, 4#.
Personal basics, $5, 0#.
Purse/pouch,large (10#), $20, 1#.
Shoes (PD1, DR1), $40, 2#.
Harp, $150, 2#.
Flute, $50, 1#.
Spikes, iron (4), $4, 2#.
Middle-class clothing, $40, 1#.
Tent (1 person), $50, 5#.
10 days' Traveler's rations, $20, 5#.
Wineskin,small (1 gal.) $10 0#.
Overcoat (DR1), $50, 10#.
Coins: $191, 0#.
Equipment Totals: $1,000, 56#.



Cyndra's a young folk-singer, out doing the Ren-Fest thing. If there is magic, she's got her spells (though probably not as many - lose the less-useful ones and put the points in the others, to get rid of low-mana penalties); if psionics, then she'd have Aspect (Single-Skill, limitation "Only While Performing"); if neither, then give her Voice and dump points from those spells into HT and bard-type skills. Literacy is no longer an advantage.

Near Future and Space:

Cyndra Wayfarer is an up and coming rock-star, probably with a Silver Tongue implant (and maybe Voice as well, if there's no magic or psi). Upgrade those instruments and other skills. Literacy is no longer an advantage (and coincidentially, 10 points - take Voice).

Cyndra's one of my early "One College Mages" - a series of experiments I did to see what I could do with the assumption of One College Magery 3, and various species. I never got to play her (I think now I'd drop her ST a point and add Charisma +2, and/or Voice). She's probably good as a nosy bard, an NPC to round out a group, or just local color - she uses the Voices spell as an instrument, meaning she can produce pretty complicated stuff by herself. ("You hear three flutes, a violin, and a harp. But when you look around, there's only one bard there, just standing by the fireplace with her eyes closed . . . ") She's also got a lot of spells that would be good for a mage-thief - she's not, but if the PCs find out about them, and find out something was stolen, they'll probably leap to conclusions.

Rylithan, from the elvish diplomatic delegation, could be used as as a relative (Dad, a grandparent, a cousin, or a half-sibling) - perhaps the pair are fighting off bandits when the PCs come along.

There's no intended relation to Evan Wanderfoot, the merchant / spy, though you could make them cousins or half-sibs (on the human side) or something.

Typical Quotes:

"Come on, mother - I can take care of myself!"

"I heard that song once. Let's see, how did that go . . . <casts Voices spell>"

"Yes, I'm half-elf. Will you little green guys just go away!"

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