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Sulta ("Stormwind")

Former AD&D Elf, converted into Yrth

Total: 119 points

4 ft 2, 62 lbs. Rather long lt brn hair, tightly braided, blue eyed


( 60) ST 14
( 30) DX 14
( 10) IQ 12
(-10) HT 9
Thrust 1, Swing 2, Speed 5.75, Move 4

Advantages (70 points):

Elf (40 points) Musical Ability +2 (racial), Unaging (racial), Charisma +1 (racial), Appearence +1 (Attractive, racial), Magical Aptitude 2 (10 points; 1st level is racial), Ambidexterity, Literacy

Disadvantages (-55 points):

Bloodlust, Stubbornness, Sense of Duty (Friends, Ptymbrs, -5 points), Soc. Stg. (Outsider, -15 points), Pyromania, No Combat Reflexes (-15 points), Sense of Duty: Nature (racial), Code of Honor: Behave w/style (racial).

Quirks (-5 points):

Dislikes "Authority" Figures; Squeamishness; Overconfident; Prefers "open" magic; no ambushes; Snide (sometimes friendly-snide) to non-elves


Riding (Horse)-13 (1), Survival (Woodlands)-10 (0.5), Swimming-10, Bow-12 (1), Shortsword-13, Broadsword-15 (4), Knife-13 (0.5), Two-handed Sword-12 (0.5), Magic Jet-14 (1)


Elvish (M/A)-12, Anglish (M/A)-10 (0.5)


Ignite Fire-12 (1), Create fire-13 (2), Shape Fire-12 (1), Flame Jet-13 (2), Light-12 (1), Continual Light-12 (1), Flash-13 (2)

Weapons & Possessions

Weapons                             $810   9 #
     "Broadsword", Cheap Shortsword,	
     Dagger, Regular Bow, 7 Arrows,	
Other Stuff                         $385  28 #
     Lwr Class Clothes, Hvy Leather,	
     Prsnl Basics, Sm. H2Oskin,	
      Sm. Pouch	
Free Money                          $200 	
Totals                            $1,395  37 #

(8# of that are for the full H2Oskin)



Unless you're doing Modern Fantasy, you'll have to make Sulta human. A very petite human. With a bad attitude. Perhaps she's a bodyguard? Upgrade her skills to an appropriate TL, adding points (and skills) with what's freed up by the lack of Magery, Unaging, Literacy, and her spells. You could add something like Pyrokinesis and/or Photokinesis, though.

Near Future

Either make similar conversions as Modern, or decree that Sulta's a bioengineered creation - an artificial "elf." (Which could be a reason for her small size, if her "race's" purpose was initially to be decorative "nymphs.") Either she's some kind of unexpected mutation, or she was tweaked specially to look harmless and actually be a combat monster of sorts. Adjust skills to fit whichever notion you like: secretly combat-capable "pleasure bioroid," known combat-capable bioroid, or designed bioroid. Add the Sex Appeal skill, and boost HT. Unaging will almost definitely be lost. If you want the spells, use Pyrokinesis (single skill) and Photokinesis (single skill).


Gengineered bioroid, petite human psi, or alien race. Make the adjustments to skills and powers as needed, as well as the standard ones for TL and skills.

Believe it or not, but Sulta does not have Dwarfism - the DM rolled her height randomly, and I liked it. It has some amusing effects, like the time we had the four-foot wide table across a corridor in a bandit hideout, and everyone else had to crouch or crawl to get past the cross corridor (where the bandits were waiting, with their bows), and Stormwind was just trotting back and forth happily . . .

Me: "Stormwind runs across the corridor."
DM: "Is she stopping to crouch?"
Me: "How tall is the table?"
DM: "Four feet."
Me: "How tall is she?"
DM: <smacks forehead>

When I transferred Sulta to GURPS, I didn't want the Move penalties attached to Dwarfism, so her height is just a special effect that makes people think she's a kid. Until she takes aim at their kneecaps with her two swords, that is . . .

One sword is a regular short-sword - but due to her size, she uses Broadsword skill with it. The other sword is probably a slightly shorter one, or a long knife.

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