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Baghtru The Orcwarrior (Yrth)

[Total: 125 points]
[Created by Steve Kline]

125 points
Height 7'6" 260 lbs
Appearance: Ugly! Mean! Even for an orc!


ST: 13
DX: 13

IQ: 9
HT: 13/15

Thr 1d, Sw 2d-1
Move/Dodge 7 Parry(axe) 7 (brawl) 8
Passive Defense 6
Damage resistance 5
Reactions: +2 Megalan orcs, -2 homeland orcs,-3 non-orc arena fans, -7 non-orcs who have never heard of him (Dwarves & Elves will be worse)


(12) strong will +3
( 8) Magic Resistance +4
(10) Reputation +4 (all gladiators, Megalan capital area)
(10) toughness +1


(-10) Gigantism
(-10) Ugly
(-10) Odius personal habit: laughs at others misery
(-10) Orc


(-1) Does not care to be rich
(-1) spends most of his money
(-1) likes to tell war stories
(-1) wants to be the best in the arena
(-1) secretive about homeland


Skill  (points) Level
Orc tongue  (0)    9
Anglish   (2)    9
Axe/Mace  (16)   16
Riding    (2)   13
Running   (2)   13
Shield    (8)   16
Throw. Axe  (2)   14
Brawling   (2)   14
Carousing  (0.5)  11
Intimidation (2)    9*
Bard     (2)    9
Knife    (0.5)  12
Broadsword  (1)   12
Shortsword (default) 10

*keep in mind he's ugly, he's got a reputation in the arena, and he's a foot and a half taller than most men, which could raise it to 14 or 15 depending on the situation.


Med. Shield
Hatchet (cut 2d)
Scale armor
Large knife (imp 1d)
Throwing axe (cut 2d+1)
(ss: 10 acc: 2 half: 13 max: 19)


[These are all by me.]


Baghtru will have to be converted to a human, and probably a rather scuzzy thug human, working as a bouncer/kneecapper for someone . . . On the other hand, he might be a little brighter, pick up Performance and Acting, and be a Professional Wrestler!

Near Future

Baghtru is either a human, or a genetic construct. If the latter, then he may have been designed to be a bodyguard or security guard - but he's gotten into cyberpunkish arenas anyway . . .


Baghtru has the option of being human, genetic creation, or an alien. There are probably planets that support arenas . . . Or maybe he's a pirate or mercenary.

Baghtru the Orcwarrior is a veteran of the bloody Megalan arenas. His sheer size and reputation for cruelty makes him an intimidating opponent. He was born in the Orclands to the west. During the end of the last great war between the Orclands and Caithness, his tribe was decimated and he was forced to flee into Megalos. Since few people would hire an Orc mercenary, Baghtru entered one of the many arenas. Over time he proved his skill through combat. Now he wonders from region to region looking for greater challenges. Mainly he fights in the capital city where there are several arenas and plenty of opportunities.

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