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TL11 Kintaran Shaman

Total: 132 points

Tabby (Gray with red stripes!), yellow eyes; age: 15, Native G: 1.2


(-15) ST 8/16
(-10) DX 10/11
(45) IQ 14
(-15) HT 11
Thrust 1-3/1+1, Swing 1-2/2+2, Speed 6.5, Move 6, Sprint 12.

Advantages (128.5 points):

Kintaran (81 points), Attractive, Electrokinesis Power 1 (Uncontrollable, -30%) ESP Power 5 (inc. Danger Sense), Mindlink Power 12 (with mother, Shadowflash), Telepathy Power 4 (inc. Empathy; Gets "deathscream" from ANY entity that dies within range, -20%; Uncontrollable Telerecieve/-send under stress, -20%).

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Absent-mindedness, Fear of Reptiles (mild), Honesty, Sense of Duty (Friends, -5 points).

Quirks (-5 points):



Trade Kintaran-14, Family Kintaran-14, New Garavaran (Human language, M/A)-13 (0.5), Thral (Common M/A alien)-13


Stealth-12 (0.5), Accounting-12 (1), Area Knowledge (Sector)-13 (0.5), Administration-13 (0.5), Astrogation-12 (0.5), Beam Weapons(Sonic)/TL10-12 (1), Beam Weapons(Laser)/TL10-11 (0.5), Brawling-10/11 (1), Camouflage-13 (0.5), Climbing-12, Computer Operation/TL10-13 (0.5), Computer Programming/TL10-12 (1), Cooking-13 (0.5), Detect Lies-14, Diplomacy-12 (1), El. Ops. (Communications)/TL10-12 (0.5), El. Ops. (Computers)/TL10-12 (0.5), El. Ops. (Medical)/TL10-12 (0.5), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL10-12 (0.5), Engineer (Electrical)/TL10-11 (0.5), Engineer (Life Support)/TL10-12 (1), Engineer (Warp Drive)/TL10-12 (1), First Aid/TL10-13 (0.5), Fishing-13 (0.5), Free Fall/TL10-10 (0.5), Gambling-12 (0.5), Gunner (Laser)/TL10-10 (0.5), Hypnotism-11 (0.5), Intimidation-11, Mathematics-12 (1), Mechanic (Warp Drive)/TL10-13 (1), Merchant-13 (1), Planetology (Earthlike)/TL10-12 (0.5), Psychology-14 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-13 (0.5), Scrounging-13 (0.5), Sling-10 (4), Survival (Woodlands)-12 (0.5), Traps/TL10-12 (0.5), Vacc Suit/TL10-12 (0.5).

Psionic Skills:

Clairaudience-12 (1), Clairvoyance-11 (0.5), Confuse-12 (1), Cyberpsi-13 (2), Dampen-12 (1), Emotion Sense-13/14 (2), Energy Sense-11 (0.5), Mental Blow-11 (0.5), Mind Shield-11 (0.5), Mindwipe-11 (0.5), Photokinesis-11 (0.5), Precognition-11/14 (0.5), Psi Sense-11 (0.5), Psychometry-11 (0.5), Seekersense-11 (0.5), Sleep-12 (1), Suggest-11 (0.5), Telereceive-12 (1), Telesend-12 (1).



Fireback becomes a mage, if psionics are unavailable. She probably keeps Danger Sense and Empathy, though.


Somehow, I don't see gray-and-flaming-red cat-centaurs in a Modern campaign. If you do, then you do the conversion.

Near Future

Kintarans are probably a gengineered android - likely for things like combat, security guards, and bodyguards. Fireback may be a mutation (because of the psi) or a prototype . . .

Fireback is the daughter of Wahn (Captain) Shadowflash. She's also a Shaman, and a rather skilled one, too. Besides that little advantage, she does a lot of general ship-upkeep - or at least, she did, before the ship had to crash-land on a lost Thrallian colony. In the middle of a gurrilla war.

Fireback's not adverse to shooting things from a distance (far enough away that it can't Deathscream past her defenses), but she'd much rather be doing peaceful things. At least she got rescued, along with Detchal, Shadowflash, Lorilono (Sparrial pilot) and her half-brother, PrettyPaws.

Her tech-skills are TL10 at best because Kintarans have a racial Primitive disad - they've only recently gotten into space, and have to "make do" with slightly out-dated stuff.

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