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TL11 Kintaran Captain

Total: 150 points

Gray with silver eyes; age: 32, native G: 1.2


(20) ST 12/24
(20) DX 13/14
(30) IQ 13
(-10) HT 12
Thrust 1-1/2+1, Swing 1+2/4+2, Speed 7.5, Move 8, Sprint 16.

Advantages (86 points):

Kintaran (81 points), Attractive

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Greed, Intolerance (reptilian races, -5 points), Lecherousness, Sense of Duty (friends, -5 points).

Quirks (-5 points):



Trade Kintaran-13, Family Kintaran-13, Thral (Common M/A alien)-11 (0.5), New Garavaran (human, M/A)-11 (0.5).


Stealth-15 (0.5), Acrobatics-12 (0.5), Administration-12 (1), Archaeology-11 (1), Area Knowledge (Sector)-13 (0.5), Area Knowledge (Carval)-13 (0.5), Armoury/TL9-11 (0.5), Astrogation-12 (1), Beam Weapons (Sonic)/TL10-14 (0.5), Beam Weapons (Laser)/TL10-14 (0.5), Beam Weapons (Blaster)/TL10-15 (1), Brawling-14/15 (2), Camouflage-13 (1), Climbing-20, Demolition/TL9-11 (0.5), Detect Lies-12 (2), El. Ops. (Communications)/TL10-11 (0.5), El. Ops. (Starship Force Shields)/TL10-12 (1), Engineer (Warp Drive)/TL10-11 (1), Fast Draw (Pistol)-12 (0.5), First Aid/TL10-12 (0.5), Fishing-13 (0.5), Free Fall/TL10-13 (0.5), Geology/TL10-12 (2), Gunner (Laser)/TL10-14 (1), Intimidation-19, Jumping-14 (0.5), Leadership-19, Mechanic (Starship)/TL10-13 (2), Merchant-12 (1), Piloting (Small Spacecraft)/TL10-13 (2), Planetology (Earthlike)/TL10-13 (2), Planetology (Hostile terrestrial)/TL10-13 (2), Planetology (Rock/Ice)/TL10-13 (2), Prospecting-14 (4), Running-10 (0.5), Scrounging-12 (0.5), Survival (Woodlands)-13 (1), Tactics-12 (2), Throwing-14 (6), Tracking-12 (0.5), Traps/TL9-12 (1), Vacc Suit/TL10-11 (0.5).



Shadowflash is a clan-leader; change skill TLs and types to fit.


<whimper> Maybe she crash-landed on TL 7 Terra?

Near Future

Shadowflash is a gengineered android, designed for security and combat type things. Alter Tech Levels of skills, and add Electronic Operations (Security Systems), at least to the 1/2 point level.

Despite living in a TL11 area of space, Shadowflash has had to put up with TL10 stuff - mostly because TL11 minifacs can only produce TL10 equipment. She's had a rough few years recently, too, crashlanding on a lost Thral colony planet and getting involved with the rebels in a gurrilla war.

Her daughter is Fireback (a shaman), her relief-pilot is the Sparrial, Lorilono, and her recreation is Detchal. (She has a son by Detchal - two-year-old PrettyPaws.)

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