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Scherazade Harami

TL 11 Photojournalist

Total: 50 points

Dark-dark brown curly hair, dark brown eyes, light-cinnamon skin. Early 20's.

Attributes (40 points)

ST 9, DX 13, IQ 12, HT 10

Advantage (5 points):

Attractive (5 points)

Disadvantage (-10 points):

Fear of Reptiles (Mild; -10 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Very "bouncy" personality (Think "Mihoshi," if you've seen the Tenchi anime series); Believes in "Immunity of the Press" (and will therefore show up practically anywhere); Collects stuffed animals; Actually a little smarter than she acts ("So, like, people aren't careful what they say to me."); Gets flustered if someone makes a pass at her.


New Garavaran (Human)-12, Thral (Common M/A Alien)-11


Computer Operation/TL11-12 (1), Detect Lies-13 (6), Diplomacy-12 (4), Fast-Talk-12 (2), Photography/TL11-13 (4), Research-11 (1), Writing-11 (1).


Camera (with bioscan attachment, for picking up those incriminating heart-rates), hold-out stunner, purse with ID, Press card, etc. Wears typical newscaster outfit when being formal, and a tunic-sweater over tights when not.



Scherazade is a roving bard, out to find news worth repeating. Replace Photography, Computer Operations, and Writing with Musical Instrument, Bard, and Knife (Girl's gotta be able to defend herself). Add Literacy.

Modern and Near Future:

Just alter the tech levels of her skills, and what gadgets she might have.

Scherazade is perfect for annoying PCs by showing up to ask them questions about things they don't want questions asked about - play her like a slightly ditzy Lois Lane on helium. She also makes a good person to have the data that the PCs want, or a decent Dependant, or a mundane cover for a superhero or vigilante! (In the last case, add another 50 points, some disads like Secret, and a slew of Thief/Spy, Combat and/or magical/superpower/psionic skills - and be aware that Harami is based on Arabic for "thief".) She may be found in the company of James Ulsyn . . .

Typical Quotes:

"Mr. Dillings, would you explain how BYTECorp's "Swiss Data Accounts" are protected from unauthorized access?"

"But I'm with the press - you can't throw me out of here!"

"Now about those layoffs last week . . . Why, thank you - I like the perfume I'm wearing too. What were we talking about? Oh, right, hiring policies?"

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