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Halfling (Kender-like) Thief

Total: 100 points
Created by David Hadar

Looks like a typical halfling. Black hair with a pony-tail, blue eyes & pointy ears. He usually wears brown and green leather clothing.

Attributes (60 points):

8 ST
14 DX
13 IQ
10 HT

Advantages (71 points):

Absolute Direction, Double-Jointed, Fearlessness (+4; 8 points), Luck (15 points), Reputation +1 (Being a good neighbor; racial; 5 points), Silence (racial; 5 points), Strong Will (+2)


Curious x2 (-10 points), Gluttony (racial; -5 points), Kleptomania, Poverty: Struggling (cash x1/2), Reduced Move (racial; -5 points), Sense of Duty (friends; -5 points)

Quirks (-6 points):

Collects maps; Dislikes traveling by water (racial); Doesn't Drink Alcohol; Energetic; Likes shiny objects; sings while Walking


Level Points
14   4.0  Acting
12   0.5  Area Knowledge (Home city)
10   0.5  Artist (maps)
15   0.5  Climbing
12   0.5  Cooking
13   2.0  Disguise
14   4.0  Escape
12   1.0  Fast-Talk
11   0.5  Gambling
12   0.5  Gesture
 8   0.5  Hiking
13   2.0  Holdout
13   0.5  Jumping
13   0.5  Knife
13   0.5  Knife Throwing
13   0.0  Language (Native)
16   8.0  Lockpicking
11   0.5  Merchant
13   0.5  Navigation
15   8.0  Pickpocket
13   2.0  Sling
11   0.5  Staff
15   2.0  Stealth
11   0.5  Throwing
15   5.0  Traps


Attributes: 60 points
Advantages: 71 points
Disadvantages: -70 points
Quirks: -6 points
Skills: 45 points
Total: 100 points


A nice, fun-loving Halfling. Was raised by his parents, who shared his profession: they taught him everything he knows. He left them when he was 30 (normal for a Halfling) and went on to adventuring and wandering the known world for excitement and treasure.

The combination of being Curious, a Kleptomaniac and Fearless gets him into a lot of trouble (he says "excitement"). His Kleptomania is moved mainly by Curiosity and fondness of shiny things. If confronted with stealing he will make up explanations to his accuser. He is very hard to frighten and will do things that nobody else will have the guts to do - like making a troll mad. Sometimes that will get him into trouble; sometimes it gets him the big prize. He does not think of stealing as stealing but as "borrowing" or "saving for someone." He is a good friend, and people want to do good things for him. Sometimes people treat him like a child but he does not notice. He sometimes bugs people, but he makes up for it with his excellent thief skills.

Typical Quotes:

"Ammm, I wonder if I could open that lock . . . "

"I didn't know that was yours - anyway, you should thank me! Somebody could have come and taken it out of your pocket!"

"Hi, Mr. Troll! Your mamma was ugly, nyah nyah nyah nyah!"

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