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Mark Jones

TL7 Accountant/Psionic Computer Programmer

Total: 100 points.


(-10) ST 9
(10) DX 11
(60) IQ 15
( 0) HT 10

Advantages: (56 points)

Electrokinesis Power 6 (Uncntl -30%; Link: Inst. (+20%), Rd. Rng 1/4 (-20%)), Mathematical Ability, Absolute Timing, Lightning Calculator, Comfortable Wealth, Attractive.

Disadvantages: (-40 points)

Fear of Crowds (mild), Fear of the Dead (mild), Pacifism: Self-defense Only.

Quirks: (-5 points)

Law-abiding; shy and quiet; delusion (I'm just average or unattractive); thinks history books are "light reading"; net-addict.

Psi Skills:

Confuse-12 (0.5), Cyberpsi-16 (6), Dampen-12 (0.5), Energy Sense-12 (0.5), Energy Shield-12 (0.5), Lightning-12 (0.5), Photokinesis-12 (0.5), Surge-12 (0.5).

Normal Skills:

Accounting-17 (0.5), Area Knowledge (home city)-14 (0.5), *Computer Operation/TL7-22/28, *Computer Programming/TL7-23/29 (0.5), Driving (Car)-12 (4), El. Ops. (Computers)/TL7-14 (1), Electronics (Computers)/TL7-13 (1), History-13 (1), Hobby Skill (Wargaming)-17 (6), Mathematics-17 (0.5), Merchant-13 (0.5), Strategy-14 (2), Tactics-14 (2).

(*The second number is the skill level if he's made his Cyberpsi roll.)

[These numbers are what the spreadsheet said were good - don't blame me if there's something strange about 'em.]



no real equivalent

Near Future and Space:

Upgrade the Tech Levels of skills.

Mark Jones: mild-mannered accountant by day, super-hacker by night. He'salways been good with computers . . . Most of his psionic skills werelearned in his teenage years, when the gift started manifesting - theCyberpsi one's the most fun, so it's the one he honed.

Fortunately for the NSA's peace of mind (not to mention the world economy), Mark's not at all greedy. He has his day job at a reputable firm, and he has his hobby-job of designing and programming computerwargames and graphics. Yeah, he might poke around in some places that maybe he shouldn't, just to see if he can, but he'd never do anything damaging there, and mostly he's not interested in the data - he's interested in the programs that protect it.

As an adventurer, Mark's one of those people who has to be dragged into a hazardous plotline kicking and screaming. He'd much rather be sitting at home, turning the GURPS Mass Combat rules into a stand-alone computer game and adding whizzy graphics, or talking to people on the Net, or poking around the Net with Cyberpsi (BTW, his opinion is that all the "VR" stuff that's written about is mostly silly - though he won't describe what he sees when he's "netrunning" . . .)

However, one must admit that if anybody found out about Mark's little hobby (the netrunning, not the wargaming) and powers, there'd probably be people who'd like to make use of his abilities. And Mark certainly wouldn't want to be used!

As an NPC, he's a great person to rescue from danger and/or keep safe, protected, and happy in a bunker somewhere (with a T1 line and a room full of computer gear . . .). He's also somebody you'd want on your side when you discover the TL10 spaceship in the backyard. ("Wow! Hey, here's the computer . . . Yeah, let's see . . . Got it!" [29-15=effective skill of 14, working 3 tech levels above his own]) And, well, while adventure is hard work, doing the intellectual half of it is just fine. (If push comes to shove, he's perfectly capable of being brave, even though he doesn't think of himself that way.)

And one other point about danger and Mark - his EK is Uncontrollable. If he does lose his cool, and he's anywhere near things with a lot of current . . .

Typical Quotes:

"It's only running at 14.4? Prehistoric."

"It's just a little program I put together last night."

"Mr. Timmons, there are some very strange errors in your books - do you know where your normal accountant lives? He hasn't gone on vacation, has he?"

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