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Serena Hedoni

Stage Magician

Total: 100 points.

About five-foot-six. Hair is genetically black, eyes are genetically brown, pale skin. In her late 20's or early 30's (still practically a kid, when aging rolls don't start till around 90 . . . ).


(-10) ST 9
(45) DX 14
(45) IQ 14
(0) HT 10

Advantages (25 points):

Absolute Timing, Double-Jointed, Beautiful.

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Impulsiveness, Jealousy, Overconfidence, Compulsive Spendthrift (Serious; -10 points).

Quirks (-5 points):

Flashy dresser, even off-stage; Footloose; Hates performing for non-mammal races (can't decipher expressions well); Doesn't want anyone (but her) recording her performances; Wears black wig with silvered tips all the time (or has bought a really exotic "virus dye" that makes her hair grow that way), and often wears really exotic contact lenses (cats-eyes, neon purple, demonic red . . . ).


New Garavaran-14, Thral (M/A, alien race)-12 (0.5), Kestralian (M/A, alien race)-12 (0.5).


Acrobatics-12 (1), Acting-13, Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL11-12, Climbing-12, Computer Operation/TL11-13 (0.5), Dancing-12 (0.5), Detect Lies-12 (1), Diplomacy-12 (1), El. Ops. (Holographics)/TL11-14 (2), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL11-13 (1), Erotic Art-10, Escape-17 (4), Free Fall/TL11-12 (0.5), Holdout-15 (4), Hypnotism-14 (4), Lockpicking/TL11-13 (1), Performance-15 (4), Pickpocket-11, Professional Skill (Stage Magician)-14 (2), Psychology-11 (1), Sex Appeal-9 (becomes an 11/13, when the appearance mods are added in) (1), Sleight of Hand-15 (8), Stealth-13 (1), Streetwise-12 (0.5), Vacc Suit/TL11-12 (0.5), Xenology-11 (0.5).



There's probably some call for a traveling performer, though it would be hard to fake being a real mage. Take the points out of the tech skills and add them to her Professional Skill, Dancing, and maybe Performance. Consider adding Knife and/or Knife Throwing, and perhaps Mechanic/Engineer (Stage Props), if she has to build or adapt her props herself. Also consider removing Absolute Timing. Literacy, if taken, would be an advantage.


Just alter the tech skills to fit, or remove them and use the points in other skills (as per Fantasy). Serena might lose the extra languages, too.

Near Future:

Serena might perform in bars (preferably middle- to upper-class ones - it's more that she doesn't manage money well, than that she can't earn it), or even for private parties of the rich and jaded. Alter the tech levels of the skills, and find places for the points from Free Fall, Vacc Suit, and Xenology (Sex Appeal is one good spot; Streetwise is another).

Serena Hedoni is a traveling stage magician, commonly found performing out on the fringes of civilized space (she's got some small reputation among miners, for instance) where entertainment is rare, and live entertainers are worth their weight in gold - especially if they're attractive. If only Serena didn't have this tendency to spend everything she earns on flashy outfits, jewelry, and sophisticated stage magician gear (not to mention the occasional professional gigolo), she might actually get to Comfortable Wealth someday.

Despite the interaction between her skills and thievery, Serena is quite honest (at least, most of the time - if she thought somebody deserved to lose a little cash or bauble, she might consider taking it . . . ); those Electronic Operations (Security Systems) and Lockpicking skills are used in her performances - she'll have a security fellow examine the locks that she's about to escape through, and while they may be somewhat simple locks, they're real. (The simplicity of the locks is usually glossed over by where she holds the lock for examination, as she wears these low-cut stage outfits . . . )

Serena can be found performing at just about any station or planet that accepts outsiders, from the civilized homeworlds to the fringes of explored space. While not compulsive about it, she's got both a healthy curiosity and libido, and those annoying (especially when found in civilians) disads of Impulsiveness and Overconfidence; curiosity will lead her into investigating strange happenings, and her libido might just attract her to a PC (who might then find her curiosity and skill with locks to be cramping his style). On the other hand, those same skills with locks and restraints could come in surprisingly handy in some situations - it's a little hard to take Serena captive without keeping an eye on her at all times, as hijackers or pirates might discover to their dismay. Even keeping an eye on her at all times could be quite distracting, as Serena's not above sleeping her way out of a tight spot (and maybe getting her hands on a weapon of some sort - note her fairly high default in pistol-type weapons).

Typical Quotes:

"Nothing up my sleeves, as you can see. Silly - you're not looking at my arms . . . "

"Of course I've got an electronic lockpick in a secret pocket - you think I use fake locks in my act?"

(Muttered:) "Oh, and doesn't she think she's got style. Bimbo."

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