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The Possum


Total: 250 points

112: Wildcards Character: 250pts.
By: Zaphod [45]
Date: 17:48 11/9/91

The Possum
GURPS Wildcards Character
250 pts.

Appearance: 7', 280 lbs. Very rodent-like in shape. Legs have two knees like an actual opossum. Hairless, prehensile tail. Rest of body covered with white/grey fur. Eyes reflect bright light. Short snout with prominent incisors seen only when smiling.

ST 10 (0)
DX 15 (60)
IQ 13 (30)
HT 13 (30)


Acute Hearing +4 (8)
Double Jointed (5)
Night Vision (10)
Combat Reflexes (15)

Super Advantages:

Super-Running x2 (40)
Temperature Tolerance (to -30 degrees) (10)
Manipulative Tail (22)
. Extra Arm (+30)
. Extra Flexibility (+10)
. Lower DX:13 (-18)
[Note that the cost for extra limbs is much lower these days! --arcangel]
Teeth (10)
. Striker Limb (+15)
. Extra Stength to 13 (+10)
. Reduced DX:10 (-10)
Claws (15)


Appearance: Ugly (-10)
Color Blind (-10)
Gigantism (-10)
Phobia: Large Fires (-10)
Poverty: Poor (-15)
Social Stigma (Joker) (-10)


Dislikes bright light (-1)
Dislikes loud noise (-1)
Prefers meat raw or spoiled (-1)
Nocturnal (-1)
Slightly paranoid (-1)


Acrobatics-14 (2), Blowpipe-15 (4), Bow-15 (4), Brawling-15 (1), Climbing-16 (4), Guns (Rifle)-18 (2), Jumping-16 (2), Lockpicking-15 (6), Poisons-14 (6), Running-13 (4), Scrounging-15 (4), Sign Language-11 (0.5), Shadowing-15 (6), Staff-14 (2), Stealth-17 (8), Streetwise-12 (1), Swimming-14 (0.5), Tactics-12 (2), Tracking-13 (2), Traps-14 (4).

Stats: 120
Advantages: 38
Super-Advant.: 97
Skills: 65
Disadvantages: - 65
Quirks: - 5
Total: 250


high quality lockpicks (+1 on rolls)
20 blowgun darts with caustic tar
Composite short bow
dart gun
12 tranquilizer darts
small radio


Possum was my favorite PC in the Wildcards campaign I ran, so I thought I'd post him. He worked as the party's thief, although his slam attacks helped the party win some crucial battles.

Possum is very aware of his combative limitations, however. He realized that most attacks could kill him in one blow (one of the PC's could throw 7d lightning bolts, and abouther 4d6 sonic blasts), and so it was often joked that Possum had the skill surrender at level 18.

He wasn't cowardly, though, for when it was important to stand his ground he would: he once stood between a ninja assassin and his employer. He also was (not surprisingly) known for 'playing possum': dropping early in the combat, only to get up later after the danger had passed or a villian turned his back to him.

Possum was generally a loner and often worked solo missions, using his speed and stealth to get to places where no other PC could go.

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