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Garth Smithson

big dumb fighter/blacksmith

[created by]
Total: 100 points


(60) ST 15
(20) DX 12
(-15) IQ 8
(20) HT 12

Advantages (44 points):

Animal Empathy, Acute Vision +2 High Pain Threshold, Toughness +2.

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Claustrophobia (mild), Gigantism, Poor.

Quirks (-5 points):

A bit shy; Likes to watch animals; Always carries his axe around; [2 undecided].


Animal Handling-12 (4), Armoury/TL3-8, Axe/Mace-12 (2), Blacksmith/TL3-11 (8), Brawling-12 (2), Broadsword-11 (1).

Weapons & Possessions

(Fists): crush 1.
Axe: $50, 4#, cut 3, (1 turn to ready between attacks).
Leather armor,hvy: PD2,DR2, [loaned for the adventure], 20#.
Pouch, small (3#): $10, 0#.
Personal basics: $5, 0#.
Coins: $135
Equipment Totals: $200, 24#



Nobody's going to let Garth wander around with weaponry anymore, though he might have a crowbar or something. Maybe he's a farm-worker after all - he's reasonably good with animals, and could probably do okay with stables or something. Illiteracy becomes a disadvantage.

Near Future:

Maybe Garth is actually a gladiator or bar bouncer; take points out of Blacksmith and Armoury and put them into weapons skills and/or Brawling.


Might actually be closer to Modern. Either that, or a low-ranking member of the armed forces.

"You are a giant, very strong and not terribly bright. You have been trained as a blacksmith, but you're not very good at it, so you drift from job to job. People sometimes hire you as a tavern bouncer or a guard because of your intimidating appearance. Animals like you, so you can sometimes get work in a stable or blacksmith's shop (as long as you don't try to do any complicated smithing)."

"A while back, you worked as a woodchopper for a time, and your employer let you keep the axe, which you really like. You're also pretty good with it in combat - at least if you hit someone with it, he's not likely to be much of a further threat . . ."

"Your jobs usually don't pay very well, since you're never quite sure what you should be paid."

A slightly different, prototype version of Garth is Big Tom.

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