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Big Tom


[created by using 2nd ed]
Total: 100 (?) points

Appearance: 7'5", 330lbs, dark hair, brown eyes, dull-looking woodsman


( 60) ST 15
( 20) DX 12
(-15) IQ 8
( 20) HT 12
Thrust 1d+1, Swing 2d+1, Speed 6, Move 5.

Advantages (51 points):

Toughness +2, Absolute Direction, Acute Vision +3, Animal Empathy, High Pain Threshold

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Claustrophobia (Mild), Gigantism, Wealth: Poor

Quirks (-5 points):



Two-handed Axe/Mace-12 (2), Animal Handling-11 (2), Tracking-11 (2), Stealth-11 (1), Bow-11 (2).

Weapons & Possessions:

Greataxe (cut 3d+1): $100, 8#
Short bow (impale 1d+1): $50, 2#
. . . (2nd ed stats: PB 5, Inc 7, 1/2 150, Max 225 )
. . . (3rd ed stats: SS 12, Acc +1, 1/2 Damage 150 yards, Max 225, Min ST 7)
Quiver+10 arrows: $30, 2#
Personal basics: $5, 0#
Small pouch: $10, 0#
Hvy leather armor (PD2, DR2): (loaned by employer; otherwise not there), 20#
Coins: $5, 0#
Equipment Totals: $200, 32#



Probably in some other physical job that doesn't require much smarts. Take points out of Tracking and put in an appropriate Professional Skill, perhaps.

Near Future:

Maybe a gladiator or bar bouncer; take points out of Tracking and Animal Handling and put them into weapons skills and/or Brawling.


Might actually be closer to Modern. Either that, or a low-ranking member of the armed force, or possibly a colonist.

I believe this is a prototype version who later turned into Garth Smithson.

From the convention-game he was designed for:

"You are a giant [Gigantism disadvantage, -1 on general reaction rolls, +2 on combat reactions], rather strong and not terribly bright. You make your living as a woodcutter and hunter, and occasionally hire out as a guard (you are quite intimidating!), or animal handler. This does not pay very well [the Poor disadvantage]. You spend most of your time in the forests near Crystalford, and strongly dislike closed-in spaces [Claustrophobia disadvantage]. You have no trouble finding your way around in the woods, and never get lost [Absolute Direction advantage] You get along well with animals [Animal Empathy advantage], and like working with them [Animal Handling skill]. You enjoy swinging an axe, and use one as a weapon, as well as for cutting trees [Two-handed Axe/Mace skill]. You sometimes hunt for food, for yourself or others, using your skills to find [Tracking], stalk [Stealth], and kill [Bow] game. If you get in a fight, you don't use your weapons very well (axe skill is only 12, bow 11), but you do a lot of damage when you hit something (3+1 with the axe!). On the other hand, you are hard to hurt [Toughness 2 advantage, +2 to DR], and it doesn't faze you when you take damage [High Pain Threshold advantage]. You are also relatively healthy (HT 12), and thus harder to stun or kill. Although not very smart, you are fairly observant [Acute Vision +3, for a vision roll of 11]."

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