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Koskya "Sky" Vymab

Humanoid Alien Pilot

Total: 100 points


(-10) ST 9
(45) DX 15
(30) IQ 13
(-10) HT 10

Advantages (66.5 points):

Thral (35 points), DR1 (Racial), High Pain Threshold (Racial), Attractive, 3D Spatial Sense, Combat Reflexes, Single-Skill Pyrokinesis Power 1 (Uncontrollable (-30%), Unconscious Only (-20%), Full Power in Emergencies Only (-0%)[For if she ever gets control of it]).

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Berserk, Sense of Duty (Friends), Shyness (mild), Space Sickness, Truthfulness.

Quirks (-5 points):

Naive & Nice; Pacifistic; Cherishs her harp; Thinks she's a jinx; Nervous about dark, noise, etc.


Thral (native; M/A)-13, New Garavaran (human; M/A)-11 (0.5), Unar (common race; M/A)-11 (0.5).


Area Knowledge (Sector)-13 (1), Astrogation-14 (1), Beam Weapons (Sonic)/TL11-16 (0.5), Cooking-12 (0.5), Computer Operation/TL11-12 (0.5), Fast Draw (Pistol)-15 (0.5), First Aid/TL11-13 (1), Free Fall/TL11-0! [13] (0.5), Judo-15 (4), Mechanic (Starship)/TL11-13 (2), Mechanic (Warp Drive)/TL11-13 (2), Musical Instr. (Harp)-12 (2), Piloting (Med. Spacecraft)/TL11 1-17 (4), Piloting (Shuttle)/TL11-15 (1), Scrounging-13 (1), Vacc Suit/TL11-12 (1).



Sky converts to human rather easily, though her job choice becomes a lot less obvious - perhaps a sailor/smuggler, or a gypsy-style caravan traveler. Drop 3D Spatial Sense to Absolute Direction and add Animal Empathy (if she's land-based). Sky will become Illiterate, and lose most of the tech skills for ones appropriate to the campaign. If she's a sailor, add Swimming. Space-Sickness is no longer a disad.

Modern and Near Future:

Sky is a human (perhaps gengineered) freelance pilot, usually looking for a steady job. Replace Piloting (Medium Spacecraft) and (Shuttle) with Piloting (Small Planes) and (Helicopter), and replace Vacc Suit with Piloting (Hang-Glider). Space-Sickness is probably no longer a disad.

[Note: Thrals are essentially humans in blue body-paint - a "quickie" race that soon got the reputation for being "instant thugs." Their planet is the homeworld of the Organization - their government is run by organized crime. It takes all kinds . . . Koskya was intended as a potential PC (partly to mess with the racial stereotype), but hasn't yet been played.]

Koskya was the doted-upon daughter of a medium-ranking crimelord in the Organization. While he was vacationing with his family on New Garavar (the major human world, a lost Terran colony), he suffered a fatal "accident." Koskya's mother was singularly dry-eyed about it, and left for the Thral homeworld shortly afterwards - leaving Koskya behind.

Taken in by the extensive human child-care network (being a colony planet, New Garavar has good facilities for daycare, and it was easier than bribing a Thral orphanage into taking her back), "Sky" was raised by professional "nannies." However, early abandonment and the teasing of human children made her very quiet and shy for a Thral (racial stereotype: thugs and Organization bosses), as she learned to avoid stresses that triggered her "violent temper."

While she was in piloting school, some of her classmates arranged for "The Smurf" to be trapped in a malfunctioning escape-capsule - subjected to gravity fluctuations, darkness, and noises of explosions, she both developed Space-Sickness and first manifested her Pyro talent (which she is unaware of), frying some of the capsule's controls, which made the unpleasent experience even longer.

Though normally Space-Sickness would have disqualified her from ever receiving her pilot's license, Sky's dedication convinced the board to let her have that qualification - most ships have artificial gravity anyway - though her license bears the warning that she is incapable of flying while in zero-gravity (which nearly guarentees she's not getting any real jobs). Newly graduated, she's looking for jobs that are really beneath her skill - flying "taxi shuttles" to and from New Garavar station, or piloting merchant ships that service the fringes of civilized space.

Typical Quotes:

"It's got grav, right? I can fly it."

"I don't really want to go to a bar."

"I don't know what happened! It just burned out!"

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