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Roland "Tithanos" Morris

Super "Brick"

Total: 25 points

118: Tithanos-- 25-point super
By: C.J.Carella [99]
Date: 09:57 11/28/91

Black teenager, 5'8'', 140 lbs., 16 years old.

ST 10 (0)     Advantages  Disadvantages      
DX 12 (0)     None          Absent-Minded (-15 pts)
IQ 11 (10)                  Bad Sight (-10 pts)
HT 10 (0 pt)                Sense of Duty(Humankind)(-15)
Move 5                       Minority (-10)
                             Youth (-4 pts)
Quirks (-2 points)
  Always lugs a backpack full of books with him.
  Has just discovered science fiction, and he loves it.

Super Equipment                     Skills
Amulet of Strength                    Karate-13 (8 pts)
ST 60 (190 pts)                       Chemistry-13 (8 pts)
DR 30 (90 pts)                        First Aid-12 (2 pt)
Limitations on ST and DR:             Physics-11 (4 pts)
  Limited Use (2 times/day)(-30%)     Ecology-9 (1 pt)
  Costs 4 Fatigue (-20%)              Zoology-9 (1 pt)
  Unreliable (14 or less)(-10%)       Physiology-9 (2 pts)
  Takes 2 seconds to activate (-10%)  Stealth-11 (2 pts)
Limitations on Gadget                 Literature-9 (1 pt)
  Unique (-25%)                       Area Knowledge(City) (1 pt)
  Can be stolen (Contest of DX) (-30%)
Gadget Disadvantages
  Berserk (-15 points)
Total Cost: 21 points.      Attributes: 30 points
                            Advantages: 0 pts.
                            Disadvantages: -54 points
                            Quirks: -2 points 
                            Super Equipment: 21 points
                            Skills: 30 points.
                            Total: 25 points.

HISTORY-- Roland Morris was a dedicated high school student until he found an ancient African mystic amulet while helping clean his grandmother's attic. He felt mysteriously attracted to it, and took to wearing it around his wrist all the time. One day, he witnessed a car accident on his way to school: a woman was trapped in the hulk of a burning car. Roland tried to help, and when he was burned, he became enraged, ripped the car door open, tossed the woman out, and proceded to smash the vehicle into junk (luckily for him, the gas tank did not explode). As it turned out, Lucia Mendez (see Wraith), went to the same high school, and accidentally eavesdropped into his thoughts about his new powers. Night Master then proceeded to recruit him.

120: A minor nit to pick...
By: Rabulias [1278]
Date: 20:36 12/1/91

The 25 point supers are indeed eye-opening (for me, anyway), but I think Tithanos's Amulet of Strength should be 23 points (22.8 rounded up) instead of 21 points. Still, a 27 point super that is a very playable and viable character is something to take notice of.

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