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Night Master

Blind Master of Martial Arts

Total: 101 points

115: Night Master (100-point M-Artist)
By: C.J.Carella [99]
Date: 09:54 11/28/91

Night Master-- 100-point master of martial arts.
48-year old Japanese-American, 5'2'', 133 lbs., very short black hair.

ST 8 (-15 points)      Advantages                  
DX 15 (60 points)      Trained by a Master 40 points)
IQ 14 (45 points)      Combat Reflexes (15 points)
HT 9 (-10 points)      Martial Art Style (Ninjutsu)
Move 6                              

Disadvantages                         Skills
Blindness (-50 points)                  Karate-16 (8 pts)
Sense of Duty(Humankind)(-15 pts)       Judo-16 (8 pts)
Pacifism(Cannot Kill)(-15 points)       Stealth-16 (4 pts)
Vow(Vegetarian)(-5 points)              Lasso-15 (2 pts)
Social Stigma(Asian) (-5 points)        Blowpipe-15 (4 pts)
Stubborn(-5 points)                     Acrobatics-15 (4 pts)
                                        Climbing-15 (2 pts)
Quirks                                 Jumping-14 (1/2 pt)
Loves to cook Italian food              Swimming-14 (1/2 pt)
Pretends he's older than he is          Staff-13 (1 pt)
Keeps three black cats                  Katana-14 (1 pt)
Likes Classical Music                   Acting-13 (1 pts)
Dislikes wheeled transportation         Disguise-13 (1 pts)
                                        Breath Control-12 (2 pts)
Maneuvers                              Meditation-12 (2 pts)
Aggressive Parry-8 (1 pts)              Blind Fighting-15 (12 pts)
Arm Lock-16 (0 pts)                     Invisibility Art-15 (6 pts)
Back Kick-12 (0 pts)                    Power Blow-13 (2 pts)
Ear Clap-10 (0 pt)                      Pressure Points-13 (2 pts)
Elbow Strike-14 (0 pt)                  Leadership-12 (1/2 pt)
Feint(Karate)-16 (0 pts)                Teaching-13 (1 pt)
Ground Fighting(Karate)-12 (0 pts)      English-12 (1/2 point)
Hand Parry-11 (0 pts)
Head Butt-11 (0 pt)                     Attribute Cost: 80 points
Jump Kick-12 (0 pts)                    Advantages: 55 points
Knee Strike-15 (0 pts)                  Disadvantages: -95 points
Spin Kick-13 (0 pts)                    Quirks: -5 points
Binding-16 (0 pts)                      Skills: 66 points
Roll with Blow-13 (0 points)            Maneuvers: 1 point
                                        Total Cost: 101 points 

HISTORY-- Kiro Masaki was born in the secret lair of a ninja clan, and raised in their mysterious arts. Unknown to the ninja leaders, however, his main teacher, an old ninja named Okara, had grown sick with the life of death and deceit of the clan and he secretly taught Kiro to respect all life. Kiro had to reconcile the two opposing forces that shaped his life until the night when he undertook his first assignment. His first killing filled him with such revulsion that he swore never to take a human life again. Some time later, he escaped with Okara's help and made his way to America; he lived as far away as possible from any Asian quarter, afraid that his former clan might track him down. At first, he did his best to conceal his abilities, but he could not stand to watch the killing of innocents in the streets and do nothing; using a dark costume, he started prowling the streets and hunting down criminals; to support himself, he stole the criminals' money. During a fight in a drug lab, a thug flung a glass of acid in his eyes, blinding him. Undeterred, Kiro honed the ninja training that allowed him to fight in total darkness until his disability was no obstacle. He also decided that he needed help to continue his crusade, and he started looking for allies.

NOTE: Night Master does not have full ninja training (he left before he was fully trained); this explains the low points spent on maneuvers and the missing cinematic skills. This character would be the NPC mentor of the 25-point characters. (Bolt, Dream Wraith, and Tithanos.)

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