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Leo "Bolt" Moretti

Electricity-using Super

Total: 25 points

116: Bolt-- 25-point super
By: C.J.Carella [99]
Date: 09:55 11/28/91

Bolt-- mutant with super-abilities
teenager, 5'8'', 143 lbs., black hair, green eyes.

ST 10 (0 pts)    Advantages  Disadvatantages
DX 11 (10 pts)   None         Bloodlust (-10 points)
IQ 10 (0 pts)                 Vow (Eradicate Drug Dealers)(-10 pts)
HT 10 (0 pts)                 Dyslexia (-15 pts)
Move 5                         Youth (-6 pts)

Super Advantages  Super Disadvantages   Skills
Power Bolt-14(6)      Vulnerability to       Brawling-12(2)      
6d crushing (56 pts)  Electrical Attacks     Running-10 (4)
DR 5 (15 points)      +3d damage (-30)       Stealth-12 (4)
                                               (City)-13 (6)
Quirks (-4 pts)                             Streetwise-9 (1)
Quiet; a loner.                              Hobby Skill
Resorts to violence quickly on his own.       (ActionFlick)-10 (2)
Awed by Night Master.
Stallone fan.                       Attributes: 10 points.
                                    Advantages: 0 points.
                                    Super Advantages: 71 points.
                                    Disadvantages: -41 points
                                    Super Disads: -30 points
                                    Quirks: -4 points.
                                    Skills: 19 points
                                    TOTAL: 25 points.

HISTORY-- Leo Moretti's mother was a coke addict who was declared an unfit and abusive mother when Leo was nine. Leo has been shuffled from one foster home to another, getting terrible grades at school (his learning disability was never diagnosed) and always getting in trouble. As a child, he learned that the only way to make others leave you alone was to hurt them badly as soon as possible. Having seen first hand what drugs had done to his mother, he refused to touch them. When he was fourteen, he was nearly beaten to death for refusing to try crack. The shock to his system awakened latent mutant powers: Leo could now shoot energy bolts, and a crackling field of light protected him from small caliber handguns. As a side effect, however, electrical fields have a greater disruptive effect on his body. Leo went on a rampage against local drug dealers which ended when somebody planted three 9mm slugs in his body. Night Master rescued him and nursed him back to health. Leo now lives with the blind ninja, and is trying to curb his savagery, if only to please his mentor, whom he nearly worships.

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