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The Night Crawlers

114: 25-point Supers
By: C.J.Carella [99]
Date: 09:53 11/28/91

The next four posts describe a group of 25-point supers led by an experienced 100-pointer. I though I'd post this as an example of what can be done with the system at any point level. When creating these characters, I did not use the Unusual Background cost and I allowed more than -45 points in disadvantages and quirks.

Meet the Night Crawlers!

Kiro "Night Master" Masaki, Blind Martial Arts Master (101 points)
Leo "Bolt" Moretti, Electricity-using Super (25 points)
Lucia "Dream Wraith" Mendez, Telepath (25 points)
Roland "Tithanos" Morris, Super "Brick" (25 points)

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