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Lucia "Dream Wraith" Mendez


Total: 25 points

117: Dream Wraith, 25-point psi
By: C.J.Carella [99]
Date: 09:56 11/28/91

Dream Wraith
17-year old Hispanic female, 5'5'', 109 lbs., dirty-blonde hair, brown eyes.

ST 9 (-10)      Advantages          Disadvantages
DX 10 (0)       Strong Will+1 (4)    Minority (-10)
IQ 13 (30)                           Sense of Duty-friends(-5)
HT 9 (-10 pts)                       Combat Paralysis (-15)
Move 4                                Severe Shyness (-10)
                                      Truthfulness (-5 pts)
Super Abilities                     Youth (-2 pts)
Telepathy Power 8 (40 pts)            Weirdness Magnet (-15)
  Telesend-14 (6 pts)                              
  Telerecieve-15 (8 pts)
  Illusion-16 (10 pts)      Quirks (-3 points)
  Mind Shield-15 (8 pts)    Prays every night
                            Outwardly humble, secretly proud of her powers
                            Scared of Bolt
P.Skill(Housecleaning)-12 (1 pt)            
English-13 (2 pts)
Spanish-13 (0 pts)
Computer Ops-13 (1 pt)
History-12 (2 points)

HISTORY-- Lucia Mendez was born in New York, the daugher of emigrants from the Dominican Republic. A quiet, sensitive girl, Lucia turned out to be a very bright student, with an interest in American history. She enrolled in pre-college courses in high school while she worked part-time as a housecleaner. Occasionally, she had flashes of insight into other people's thoughts, but she dismissed them as coincidences. One of her clients was a blind Japanese man who overcame Lucia's shyness with kindness and became her friend (unknown to her, several of her clients are metahumans - she seems to just run into them).

One day, when Lucia was cleaning Kiro's apartment, she was the accidental target of a powerful psionic attack aimed at Kiro. The attack was turned by her previously unnoticed mind shields. Kiro realized that Lucia had psionic powers and used meditation techniques to train her in the use of her abilities. Lucia currently helps Kiro when she has to, out of loyalty to him and because of the thrill she feels when she uses her powers. In combat, Dream Wraith uses her illusions to confuse opponents.

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