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Nameless Character #5

TL2 Kintaran Shaman

Total: 100 points


(-10) ST 9/18
(-10) DX 10/11
(100) IQ 17
(-15) HT 11
Thrust 1-2/1+2, Swing 1-1/3, Speed 6.5, Move 8, Sprint 16.

Advantages (116 points):

Kintaran (81 points) Status +1 (Shaman), Telepathy Power 3 (includes Empathy), ESP Power 5 (includes Danger Sense).

Disadvantages (-110 points):

Unattractive, Absent-mindedness, Bad Sight (-25 points), Epilepsy, Primitive (-5 TLs, -25 points), Sense of Duty (clan, -10 points).

Quirks (-5 points):



Family Kintaran-17, Trade Kintaran-17


Stealth-12, Acting-15 (0.5), Cooking-16 (0.5), Detect Lies-18 (0.5), Diagnosis/TL4-14 (0.5), Fast-Talk-15 (0.5), First Aid/TL4-16 (0.5), Hypnotism-14 (0.5), Knife Throwing-11 (2), Merchant-15 (0.5), Performance-15 (0.5), Physiology/TL4-13 (0.5), Poisons-15 (1), Psychology-17 (0.5), Scrounging-16 (0.5), Sleight of Hand-11 (8), Survival (Plains)-15 (0.5),Traps/TL4-15 (0.5), Ventriloquism-14 (0.5).

Psi Skills:

Clairaudience-14 (0.5), Clairvoyance-14 (0.5), Clairsentience (Scent)-14 (0.5), Emotion Sense-17, Illusion-14 (0.5), Mental Blow-14 (0.5), Mind Shield-14 (0.5), Mindwipe-14 (0.5), Precognition-19 (4), Psi Sense-14 (0.5), Psychometry-15 (1), Seekersense-14 (0.5), Sense Aura-15 (1), Signature Sniffer-14 (0.5), Sleep-14 (0.5), Suggest-15 (1), Telecontrol-14 (0.5), Telereceive-15 (1), Telescan-14 (0.5), Telesend-15 (1).



A mage, specializing in Knowledge College, Communication and Empathy, and a little Mind Control.


I repeat all my previous comments about cat-centaurs in Modern campaigns. If you can figure out how to do the conversion, I'll be interested in tucking it in . . . I suppose you could run a very strange campaign where there weren't any humans, just cat-centaurs, and TL7 tech. :-/

Near Future

Kintarans become android-creations, designed for things like combat, bodyguarding, and other stuff that takes advantage of their formidible physical advantages. The shamans are either "sports," poorly-designed individuals who happen to have some psi to make up for their problems (the sports without psi are eliminated . . . ) - or the prototypes to a combat-monster on the mental field as well as the physical one.

This is a typical "grounder" shaman (actually, this one is typical of a pre-contact Kintaran), who is one of the unofficial leaders of the tribe/clan/group. Note that many of the non-psionic skills are geared towards preserving the "illusion" of mystical power - someone who didn't believe in psionic ability could be very surprised when, after seeing through the primitive act, the shaman makes some comment telepathically . . .

This one does have too many disads for a normal PC, unfortunately. Some more points might be sucked out of stats. Note that the Primitive disad really doesn't include enough TLs to make it past TL7 - maybe more levels would work, if they had to be bought off later . . .

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