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Spartan Argon

Mercenary Captain

Total: 100 points

Arkanian Character #1 - Created by Rafael Melgarejo Borges (player) (Donated by Marcelo Cortimiglia, GMaster -
1.80 cm, 73 kgs, shoulder gold hair, light-brown eyes, 22 years.

Attributes (90 points):

(30) ST 13
(30) DX 13
(10) IQ 11
(20) HT 12
Thrust 1d, Swing 2d-1, Speed 6.25, Move 4.

Advantages (25 points):

High Pain Threshold (10), Ambidextery (10), Appearance +1 (5)

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Bloodlust (-10), Overconfident (-10), Greed (-15), Stubbornness (-5)

Quirks (-5 points):

Arrogant; Hates insects, especially spiders!; Becomes bad tempered when hungry; Atheist; Insensible, avoids feelings like love or pity.


Ancient Arkanic-11, Arkanic-10 (1), Allanian-9 (0.5) (All three are M/A and are used in my game world. You can replace them by any language you want.)


Shortsword-14 (4), Spear-14 (4), Shield-13 (1), Throwing-13 (4), Brawling-13 (1), Musical Instrument (Harp)-10 (2), Tatics-10 (2), Tracking-11 (2), Knife-12 (0.5), Stealth-13 (2), Leadership-11 (2), First Aid/TL3-11 (1), Fast-Draw (Sword)-12 (0.5), Parry Missile Weapons-10 (0.5), Strategy (Land)-10 (2).


Modern and Near Future:

He could be a modern european mercenary in service for some african nation, or a bad cop against drug dealers. He wouldn't need that much ST and could become more intelligent. Add some modern combat skills and literacy becomes free.


As above, but I can see him as a bodyguard of some primitive planet in the bounadries of the galaxy.


This character was designed to be inserted in a group with two or three "good guys." It's so funny to watch the arrogant warrior challenging the smart mage! But the player has to keep in mind that he's not a evil character, but a greedy one. He can easily betray his companions for a price, so the GM can use him as a weapon to insert some intrigue in the campaign.

In my game world (it's called Antharia), Spartan was a mercenary captain for the militarist nation of Bara-hav who had been captured in a battle against New Arkania, one of the most powerful kingdoms in Antharia. He easily gained a bad reputation in his homeland, but won a good reputation as a fierce warrior with his captors. After the war, Spartan was freed and became a selling-sword in the city of New Arkania, with little success. Shortly after that, he traveled north to the coastal human cities in the Chaotic Lands. In this point, he entered the campaign. After a few game sessions, he is actually an important piece of the conspiratory war between three local warlords: Lord Lazarus (who is being helped by the other players), Lord Agnes (to whom Spartan is supposed to be a spy) and Lord Kruzor (ruler of the coastal city of Port Draya). The players actually believe that Spartan is a spy, but in truth he's an secret counter-spy to Lazarus. And the megalomaniac mage of the group really hates the arrogant warrior and tries to incriminate him in every situation. :-)

Typical Quotes:

"Keep these spiders AWAY!"

"Love? What is that?"

"Don't bother! I'm hungry!"

"Don't you think you talk too much?"

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